Petz: Horsez 2 Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 6

Dressage hint

When instructed to "Pirouette at Canter", draw a counterclockwise half circle with the stylus on the touchscreen, beginning at the top and ending at the bottom. When instructed to "Pirouette," draw a complete circle on the touchscreen.

Rating 3

Horse care hints

-When washing your horse, be sure not to wash his or her face or else their health will go down.

-When cleaning your horse's body, select the top brush first and go down the line in order, using each to brush the entire body. The last one is the comb, which should be used to brush its mane (or the brush also). When you finish one side, switch to the other and repeat.

-When cleaning the hooves, be careful not to touch where there is no muck "dirt" or else its health will go down.

Rating 0

Riding hint

When riding, press Up for a medium walk, UP(2) for medium trot, or UP(3)  for medium gallop. On jump courses, never gallop at full speed on the entire course or else it will take a major toll on the horse's health.