Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials And Tribulations Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 4

Unlocking cases

There are five cases total in this game that are unlocked by completing the case before it. Once a case is unlocked, however, you can go back to it and replay it at any time.

Rating 2

All four cases (Japanese version)

Have the Game Boy Advance game Gyakuten Saiban 3 in the cartridge slot to unlock all four cases.

Rating 2

Wendy Oldbag easter egg

Those who've played first two Phoenix Wright games in the trilogy should be familiar with a character named Wendy Oldbag. During this game's second trial, "The Stolen Turnabout", there comes a time when you reach a security guard's office. If you examine a sheet of paper in that room, Maya will read aloud "A Guard's 5 Commandments", which is signed by none other than Wendy Oldbag.

Rating 0

Faster dialog hint

After completing all cases and when replaying the game, hold B after the case is introduced to fast forward through the dialog. Note: You cannot repeat conversations.

Rating 0

Saving hint

You don't have to wait until the end of a sequence (such as an investigation sequence or a part of a trial) to save your game. You can save your game any time by simply pressing the START button. This will bring you to the menu where your game can be saved. After saving, you'll be brought back to the start menu.