PictoChat Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 5

Rainbow drawing hint

When on a DSi, tap the "Pen" icon until it begins flashing various colors. Begin drawing with the flashing pen to get a rainbow effect.

Rating 4

Determining firmware version

To determine which firmware version is on your DS, insert any game and enter Pictochat Room A, then remove the DS game. The screen will briefly change colors. The following colors determine the corresponding firmware versions:

Version 1 - DS will freeze with no color change
Version 2 - Blue gray
Version 3 - Green
Version 4 - Yellow
Version 5 - Pink
Version 6 - Dark blue

Rating 1

Scroll slower

To scroll slower for animations, while holding L, press R.

Rating 1

Curvy letters hint

Drag the letters to the message screen instead of typing them to make the letters curvy.

Rating 1

Holidays Greetings

You will receive a holiday greeting when you enter the chat room on your birthday, Christmas, or New Years.