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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Cheats "All character statue locations" (Nintendo DS)

Game also available for:   PSP


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All character statue locations

-To get the Mortician statue, go to the Prison Cliffs and cross the first broken bridge. Go down where it had broken and get the golden trophy.
-To get Lord Beckett's statue, go to the last part in Port Royal where you find a switch in one area to get to the next. The trophy is behind it.
-To get the one on the Cannibal's Island, go to where the water spot is found.
-To get the one at the swamp, enter the town area after completing the river section. When you are heading to the crocodile, it should just be in a small square area.
-The one in Tortuga is after you go down the wooden staircase.
-The one in El Cruces is where you see Norrington running, at the far right of the area.

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