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Pocket Monsters Pearl Cheats "Pokemon Contest hint" (Nintendo DS)


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Pokemon Contest hint

For the Visual Round, always follow the theme. For example, if the theme is "The Colorful", put in two different colored puffs, the mustache, the flag, and the glitter. The glitter is the best one. For the Dancing Round, when you are first, try "left" and "front" close together. Then, after a long period of time, hit "right". Two Pokemon might miss, and the other one will do well on every move. Note: The following requires three moves in the same category of the contest. For the Acting Round, choose your strongest move first, followed by weak move and another weak move. End it with your strongest move again. If you use a move prior to the category, such as "Sweet Kiss" in "Cuteness", the judge you perform for will give you Voltage, unless somebody already performed for that judge. If only you performed for a certain judge (for example, if you performed to Dexter and everybody else performed to Keira), you will get three hearts. If you perform for a judge that others performed for (for example, if you and another Pokemon perform for Jordan and the others perform for Dexter and Keira), you will only receive 1 heart. When you win, you will receive a ribbon.

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