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Pocket Monsters Platina Cheats "Egg Moves" (Nintendo DS)


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Egg Moves

Some basic Pokemon have special moves only available through Egg Moves. Have two Pokemon with the same Egg Group. If the Kingdra knows Hydro Pump, and they are bred, the baby Bagon will know Hydro Pump when it hatches. The following is a list of some Egg Moves:

Aron - Dragon Rush
Bagon - Dragon Rush
Bagon - Hydro Pump
Budew - Extrasensory, Leaf Storm
Bulbasaur - Leaf Storm
Castform - Ominous Wind
Charmander - Dragon Rush
Chatot - Night Shade
Croagunk - Vacuum Wave
Phanpy - Ancientpower, Ice Shard
Roselia - Leaf Storm
Skorupi - Night Slash
Swablu - Dragon Rush
Vulpix - Energy Ball
Zubat - Brave Bird

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