Pocket Monsters Platina Nintendo DS Cheats

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National Pokedex

To get the National Pokedex, find all 210 regional Pokemon to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. Then, speak with Professor Rowan in his laboratory.

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When you submit two Pokemon to the Pokemon Daycare in Solaceon Town, speak with the bald man directly outside immediately afterwards to see if your Pokemon are compatible. If they are not compatible, he will say something like "They prefer to play with other Pokemon". However, if he says anything else like "The two don't really seem to like each other that much" or "They are getting along great", it indicates your Pokemon can breed and have an egg. If you use two that are the same kind of Pokemon, for example, one female Eevee and one male Eevee, they will produce eggs quickly. After you have found out their compatibility, get on your bike, and go south to Hearthome City. As soon as you leave Route 209 and enter that gateway room to Hearthome City, you should have an egg waiting for you. Go back and talk to the bald man outside of the Daycare to get your egg. If you have the Daycare Check-up Poketech app, you will see an egg appear between your two Pokemon as soon as you enter the gateway.

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To get Cressilia, after defeating the Elite Four and getting the National Pokedex, go to Canalave City. Enter the sailor's house, and a boy will be in a bed. He will tell you about Darkness, and his mother will say he needs an item. Go outside to the dock. Talk to the sailor, and catch a ride to Fullmoon Isle. Cressilia will flee and leave behind the item. Catch Cressilia the same way as Mesprit. Cressilia is at level 50.

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Dialga and Palkia

To get Dialga and Palkia, defeat the Elite Four, and unlock the National Pokedex. Go to Mt. Coronet through Hearthome City, as if you were traveling to Sky Pillar. Go through about three caves, until you find a new entrance. Enter it to find orbs needed to battle Palkia and Dialga. Go to the top of Mt. Coronet to where Team Galactic was previously encountered at Spear Pillar. One of the two legendary Pokemon, Dialga or Palkia, will be there. Catch it, then leave and return to encounter the other one.

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Diamond Dust snow

Set the system date to January 12th and go to Snowpoint City to see Diamond Dust snow instead of the normal snow.

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Birthday message

After defeating the Elite Four, talk to Dawn or Lucas on your birthday (whichever date you put as your birthday on the DS system) and they will wish you a happy birthday.

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Egg Moves

Some basic Pokemon have special moves only available through Egg Moves. Have two Pokemon with the same Egg Group. If the Kingdra knows Hydro Pump, and they are bred, the baby Bagon will know Hydro Pump when it hatches. The following is a list of some Egg Moves:

Aron - Dragon Rush
Bagon - Dragon Rush
Bagon - Hydro Pump
Budew - Extrasensory, Leaf Storm
Bulbasaur - Leaf Storm
Castform - Ominous Wind
Charmander - Dragon Rush
Chatot - Night Shade
Croagunk - Vacuum Wave
Phanpy - Ancientpower, Ice Shard
Roselia - Leaf Storm
Skorupi - Night Slash
Swablu - Dragon Rush
Vulpix - Energy Ball
Zubat - Brave Bird

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Basic Moves and previous moves

If your Pokemon has a good Basic move and you cannot figure out how it learns it, go to the Move Tutor in Pastoria City. Give him one Heart Scale for one move. Also, if your Pokemon accidentally forgot a move, you can do the same thing. The following is a list of Basic Moves:

Abomasnow - Ice Punch
Charizard - Air Slash
Electivire - Fire Punch
Garchomp - Fire Fang
Gallade - Leaf Blade
Magmortar - Thunderpunch
Manectric - Fire Fang
Mew - Transform
Munchlax - Metronome
Octillery - Gunk Shot, Rock Blast
Piloswine - Ancientpower (how to evolve into Mamoswine)
Roserade - Sweet Scent, Weather Ball
Spiritomb - Shadow Sneak
Togekiss - Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Sky Attack
Torterra - Wood Hamme

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To get Mesprit at level 50, after the encounter in Distortion World, go to Lake Verity, and speak with Mesprit inside the center cavern. Mesprit will leave. Use the Marking Map App to track Mesprit.

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Heart Scales

At Solaceon City, enter the house next to the Pokemon Center. The man sitting in the chair will ask you for a Pokemon selected randomly from Pokemon you have obtained in you Pokedex. He will give you a special kind of Pokeball and a Heart Scale if you show him the Pokemon before the next day.

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Easy Pokemon in mansion

Go to the mansion, and save the game. Speak with Mr. Backlot to figure out what type of Pokemon is in the garden that day. If you need it, capture it. If it is not a Pokemon you need, turn off the power, restart the game, and talk to him again. Repeat this until you get all the desired Pokemon. Pokemon that can be found in the garden are Igglybuff, Cleffa, Clefairy, Ditto, Pichu, Meowth, Happiny, Chansey, Bonsly, Mime Jr., Eevee, Azurill, Marill, Plusle, Minun, and Castform.

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Capturing legendary Pokemon

To capture legendary Pokemon, save the game before the battle. Use a Pokemon that knows Paralysis. Use a Quick Ball, then continue to use Paralysis until the legendary Pokemon is affected by the move. Use weak attacks until its health is low. Then, use a Great Ball to capture the Pokemon.

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Infernape recommended moves

The following move set works great for Infernape: Shadow Claw, Mach Punch, Flame Wheel, Close Combat

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Villa furniture

Unlock the following furniture for your villa by performing the corresponding tasks:

Chandelier - Walk 300,000 steps.
Great Painting - Hatch 30 eggs.
Guest Set - Defeat 50 trainers in the trainer cafe.
Music Box - Purchase Racks
Piano - Defeat the Elite Four ten times.
Pokemon Bust #1 - Get one Silver Print from the Battle Frontier.
Pokemon Bust #2 - Battle at each Battle Frontier facility.
Tea Set - Purchase the Guest Set.
Wall Clock - Plant 50 berries.

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To get Giratina at level 47, meet at Distortion World or Turnback Cave.

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Griseous Orb

Beat the game, and return to Sendoff Spring. Cynthia will be gone, and you can enter the cave she was previously blocking. Enter Turnback Cave, and go to the end to find an item and the entrance to the Distortion World. Enter it to find the Griseous Orb. Give it to Giratina, and it can stay in its original form outside Distortion World. You can now catch Giratina in Turnback Cave.

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Trainer card colors

Change your trainer card to the following colors by getting the corresponding numbers of stars:

Blue - One star
Bronze - Two stars
Silver - Three stars
Gold - Four stars
Black - Five stars

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Easy Poketch APPs

To easily get Poketch APP's, at Sunyshore City, go to the area where the Munchlax Rock is located, then use Rock Climb to get to the house beside it. Speak with the man inside the house. He will ask you for a specific Pokemon Nature. Do this every day to get Poketch APPs.

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Secret box wallpapers

To unlock a secret box wallpaper, at Jubilife City, speak with the TV producer on the third floor of the TV Station. Tell him certain words when he asks you for your feedback on TV. Go to this page to generate these words.

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Do the following to tell if Croagunk are in the Safari Zone. If you do not want to waste 100 PokeDollars, poke your head through the Croagunk Picture in Pastoria City. If a Croagunk is in the Safari Zone that day, when you poke your head inside a Croagunk will walk from the trees into the Safari Zone entrance.

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Azelf and Uxie

To get the Azelf and Uxie, after the encounter in Distortion World, go to Lake Valor and Acutity. Go inside the caverns. You will need Ultra Balls. Each are at level 50.

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More shiny Pokemon

To increase the chances of finding a shiny Pokemon, place an international Pokemon and one of your own in the daycare.

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To get Magikarp, go to the Resort Area, and speak with the swimmer in the pool by the Ribbon Syndicate. He will say something about a strange happening when you use the Super Rod in the water above the Pokemon Center. If you use it, there may be a wild level 60 or higher Magikarp.

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To get Heatran at level 50, go to Stark Mountain. Enter the maze, and fight Team Galactic. Return to the Survival Area. Enter the Battleground, and fight the Gym Leaders. Return and enter the same cavern where Team Galactic was found, and Heatran will be there.

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Calculator sounds

When using the calculator on the Poketech, if you get an answer to a problem, it will make a sound corresponding to the number of the Pokemon in the Pokedex. Note: This only works if you have seen that Pokemon.

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Speak with Professor Rowan and unlock the National Pokedex, then go to Pal Park and talk to Professor Oak. Go to Eterna City and find Professor Oak. He will mention that these birds have been sighted. Marking Map App is needed. All three will be level 60.

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To get  Porygon, go to Veilstone City and go to the house over by the flight of stairs to enter Galactic HQ. Someone there will give you a free Porygon, but you need an empty space in your party.

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Secret area in Wayward Cave

There is a secret area in Wayward Cave located under the bridge. It has a Pokemon and three Pokeballs.

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Trainer card stars

Unlock a star on your trainer card by performing any of the following tasks:

-Defeat the Elite Four.
-Win any Master Rank Super Contest.
-Win 100 consecutive matches in the Battle Tower.
-Get a Platinum flag in the Underground by capturing 50 flags.
-Catch all 493 Pokemon, excluding event-only Pokemon.

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Easy experience

To easily gain experience, battle a new opponent every day at the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City. They are located next to the counter.