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Pokemon Diamond Cheats "Ghosts in the Old Chateau" (Nintendo DS)


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Ghosts in the Old Chateau

Go to the Old Chateau, which is located in Eterna Forest at the top, near Eterna City. Cut is needed to reach this. Once inside, go through the door on the ground floor directly ahead of you. In there is a dining room where you'll see the ghost of an old man walk past the table to the left, towards the kitchen. Once he has left your screen, go to the kitchen to see that he is not there. To see him again, or if he didn't appear the first time, keep exiting and re-entering the room until he appears. To see a little girl ghost, return to the main hall and go upstairs and through the door in the center (in the same place as the dining room door, but a floor up). Enter the door next to the door on the far right. If there is a picture in the room with red eyes, you entered the correct location. You can see the ghost of a girl in the room next to you (which can be seen from where you are). She will look around and float out the door. When you go back onto the landing, she is not there, nor will you be able to see her if you go into her room. As before, if she did not appear the first time or you want to see her again, repeatedly enter to room until she appears. You can also find an item exclusive to the Old Chateau, the "Old Gateau", which heals all status problems of a Pokemon. It is located in one of the bins on the ground floor.

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