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Pokemon Pearl Cheats "Plate locations and effects" (Nintendo DS)


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Plate locations and effects

Certain plates boost the effects of special attacks (sp. Attack). Find the following plates by searching the corresponding locations:
Dread Plate Old chateau in Eterna Forest
Earth Plate Oreburgh Gate - Fist Plate - Route 215
Icicle Plate A house on Route 217
Mind Plate Solaceon Ruins
Splash Plate Route 220
Spooky Plate Amity Square in Heathrome City

You may also dig out the following plates in the underground. Give the following plates to a Pokemon to boost the corresponding move types:
Draco Plate Boosts Dragon moves
Dread Plate Boosts Dark moves
Earth Plate Boosts Ground moves
Fist Plate Boosts Fighting moves
Flame Plate Boosts Fire moves
Icicle Plate Boosts Ice moves
Insect Plate Boosts Bug moves
Iron Plate Boosts Steel moves
Meadow Plate Boosts Grass moves
Mind Plate Boosts Psychic moves
Sky Plate Boosts Flying moves
Splash Plate Boosts Water moves
Spooky Plate Boosts Ghost moves
Stone Plate Boosts Rock moves
Toxic Plate Boosts Poison moves
Zap Plate Boosts Electric moves

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