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Pokemon Pearl Cheats "Recommended Pokemon teams" (Nintendo DS)


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Recommended Pokemon teams

The following are recommended Pokemon teams:

Ramoardos (level 60): Fireblast, Thunder, Blizzard, Assurance
Staraptor (level 60): Aerial Ace, Wing Attack, Fly, Close Combat
Steelix (level 60): Dragon Breath, Iron Tail, Crunch, DoubleEdge
Lucario (level 60): Drain Punch, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Flash Cannon
Empoleon (level 60): Brine, Surf, Aqua Jet, Avalanche
Bronzong (level 60): Future Sight, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Gyro Ball

Torterra (level 65): Earthquake, Frenzy Plant, Leaf Storm, Hyper Beam
Infernape (level 65): Flare Blitz, Blast Burn, Focus Blast, Hyper Beam
Empoleon (level 65): Brine, Hydro Cannon, Avalanche, Hyper Beam
Dialga (level 65): Flash Cannon, Roar Of Time, Thunder, Hyper Beam
Palkia (level 65): Surf, Special Rand, Thunder, Hyper Beam
Giratina (level 65): Shadow Force, Fly, Earth Power, Hyper Beam

Empoleon (level 60 to 100)
Staraptor (level 50 to 100)
Dialga (level 50 to 100)
Azelf (level 50 to 100)
Kricketune (level 45 to 100)
Ponyta (level 50 to 100)

Empelon, as high of a level as desired.
Honchkrow, as high of a level as desired.
Lucario, as high of a level as desired.
For the rest, fill as desired, with Luxaray recommended.

Empelon (any desired level): Metal Claw, Surf, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet. You could also give it Ice Beam and Blizzard instead of Aqua Jet and Hydo Pump.
Luxaray (any desired level): Spark, Thunder, Crunch, Shock Wave
Garchomp (any desired level): Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, and a Physical type attack of your choice
Honchkrow (any desired level): Sucker punch, Fly, Faint Attack, and a move of your choice
Lucario (any desired level): Drain Punch, Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon
Rapidash (any desired level): Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Take Down, Strength

Infernape: Flamethrower, Close Combat, Dig, Strength
Staraptor: Fly, Arial Ace, Close Combat, Steel Wing
Gyrados: Aqua Tail, Surf, Ice Fang, Dragon Pulse
Haunter: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Thunderbolt
Roserade: Petal Dance, Cut, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain
Gravler: Earthquake, Rollout, DoubleEdge, Gyro Ball

Luxray (level 55): Thunder Fang, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Crunch
Lucario (level 50): Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Stone Edge, Dragon Pulse
Rapidash (level 50): Solarbeam, Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Flamethrower
Staraptor (level 50): Pluck, Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Fly
Gastrodon (level 55): Brine, Earthquake, Surf, Icebeam
Dialga (level 50): Aerial Ace, Heal Block, Dragon Pulse, Roar of Time

Luxray (level 100): Discharge, Crunch, Thunder, Thunderbolt
Lucario (level 100): Psychic, Stone Edge, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse
Gardevoir (level 100): Calm Mind, Confusion, Psychic, Thunderbolt
Dragonite (level 100): Brick Break, Ice Beam, Thunder Bolt, Surf
Tyranitar (level 100): Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Brick Break, Crunch
Blissey (level 100): Double Edge, Softboiled, Minimize, Toxic


Alex Mildenhall
Staraptor (level 100)
Torterra (level 100)
Infernape (level 100)
Palkia (level 100)
Azelf (level 100)
Mesprit (level 100)

Staraptor (level 60)
Azelf (level 100)
Torterra (level 60)
Palkia (level 69)
Uxie (level 80)
Azelf (level 69)

Infernape, Empoleon, or Torterra (level 68)
Honchcrow or Staraptor (level 62)
Gabite or Garchomp (level 66)
Leafeon (level 64)
Umbreon (level 64)
Flareon (level 64)

Heatran (level 76)
Torterra (level 77)
Girtina (level 79)
Luxray (level 84)
Rayquaza (level 84)
Palkia (level 95)

Sableye (any level)
Spiritomb (any level)
Darkrai (any level): Dark Void, Nightmare, Shadow Ball
Charizard (any level)
Metagross (any level)
Pidgeoto (any level)

Starter Pokemon (Torterra, Emplion, Enfernape)
Driftblim (Ghost/Flying)
Vespiquen (Bug/Flying)
Bronzong (Steel/Phy.)
Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)
Random pokemon (for HM moves or other reason)

Garchomp: Earthquake, Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, Shadow Claw, (Draco Plate)
Staraptor: Bravebird, Roost, Close Combat, Aerial Ace (Charti Berry)
Gyarados: Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, Thrash, Ice Fang (Quick Claw)
Crobat: Air Slash, Cross Poison, Poison Fang, Toxic (Poison Barb)
Lucario: Aura Sphere, Drain Punch, Flash cannon, Dragon Pulse (Big Root)
Infernape: Flare Blitz, Focus Blast, Punishment, Stone Edge (Razor Claw)

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