Pokemon Ranger: The Road To Diamond And Pearl Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 5


Registeel is located the Krokka tunnel. You will need two Pokemon that can transport you with a vine to a pile (such as Ivysaur), as well as four Pokemon that can break level 2 boulders. Registeel is difficult to catch but is possible without any Poke-Assist. His only attack is falling iron balls.

Rating 4


Regirock is located in the mountain at the Wintown temple. First smash a boulder, then water a plant, then smash a boulder again. You will then enter a long cave filled with Ghastlys. Water works well against Regirock.

Rating 3


Get Kyogre mission by talking to the professor after you have completed the story. A Lapras will bring you to Kyogre.

Rating 2

Transferring Manaphy hint

You will need two DS systems and Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. After completing the Manaphy mission, check the Egg in Ranger Net. When asked if you want to start wireless communication, do so and choose the transferring option on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. The egg will now transfer from Pokemon Ranger to Diamond or Pearl.

Rating 2

Unlock Ranger Net missions

Complete story mode to unlock the Ranger Net missions.

Rating 2


Wait until he sends out the two Pokemon to catch them first. After that, circle him with your stylus thirteen times to catch him. Note: He will not stay on your team.

Rating 2

Styler level up requirement glitch

When first starting, take every Pokemon on maximum experience. After saving Taillow for the second time in Ringtown, look at your menu. There should appear "Styler lvl 1. 104/100 xp needed for next level", which doesn't make sense.

Rating 1


Regice is in the tunnel on the southern part of Wintown. You will need to fire a level 3 ice boulder and one vine Pokemon. Once there, you will fall into a hole that transports you to the entrance of the ice temple where Regice is waiting. The best method is to stun Regice with full power, or use fire.

Rating 1

Entering passwords

Access Ranger Net after completing the game and select "Play special mission". Then, press R + X + Left to see a screen that reads"Enter the password has been added". Tap the touchscreen and wait until the game saves, then tap the touchscreen again and a new menu will appear that reads "Enter the password". Select the password menu to enter a password.

Rating 1


To find Blaziken, go to the ranger base in Fall City and go to the left. You will be in a prairie with two Tailow and a Blaziken.

Rating 1

More time for capture challenges

During the timed capture changes, while you are capturing a Pokemon in the challenge, have your stylus on the screen while the capture disc is on the screen. This makes it so you don't lose time during the capture.

Rating 0

Catching Pokemon

To catch Pokemon, block the Pokemon from three sides and stand in the fourth side of it. Then, throw a Pokeball to catch it. You will not be allowed to keep the Pokemon throughout the entire game. You must release it after about ten battles or it will run away.

Rating 0

Health of all Bosses

The following are all the bosses with their corresponding health:

Minel - 3
Ridon - 8
Machoke - 9
Muk - 10
Marcrow - 7
Kingdra - 6
Salimance - 22
Flaygon - 6
Charizard #2 - 11
Slakoff - 12
Entei - 13
Scizor - 11
Stellex - 12
Charizard #1 - 16

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Blastoise is found in the lighthouse basement after finishing the story.

Rating 0

Manaphy mission passwords

Enter one of the following passwords to receive a message that reads "The mission is active". Restart your game, then access Ranger Net to see an option to play a special mission. The mission "Recover the Precious Egg" will appear. Enter the following passwords that correspond with your game version:

North American - P8M2-9D6F-43H7
European - Mg35-Cpb8-4FW8
Portuguese - C58f-t3WT-Vn79
Spanish - C58f-t3WT-Vn79

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-Slowly make a circle around him then fire when he goes to spit out fire. If he spits fire, just wait and when he is done try again until you catch him.

-Don't try to capture it at the beginning but wait until he spits fire up. Wait until the fire goes onto the floor, then choose a spot where Charizard is going and use your capture device to take damage on those fires. Repeat at least two to four times, then circle as fast as you can to capture Charizard.

Rating 0


To get the Rayquaza mission, you need to first  calm down Groudon. Go to Wintown to see that the ranger leader of Wintown is outside. Talk to her and she will bring you inside and tell a story. She tells you that you need to get to Chris at the temple where you defeated Gordor. You will see the Team Go-Rock Squad Grunts again and some people who want to battle with you. Approach Rayquaza to fight it. Rayquaza is the most difficult Pokemon to catch. The recommended way is to use a golem.

Rating 0


To get the Groudon mission, talk to Spencer after calming down Kyogre. Spencer will give you a vacation, but it will be ruined by earthquakes and incredible heat. When you go to the volcano,  take the northern-most tunnel and follow the path. When you land on a dead-walking place with just a hole, go inside and you will see a door. Enter it to find Groudon.