Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 6

Concept art

Complete Professor Layton And The Unwound Future to receive a system-specific code. Enter "Top Secret" menu in Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box and select the "Hidden Door" option, then select the "Ticket To Time Travel" option and enter the code.

Rating 3

Easy Hint Coins

Complete the Hamster mini-game. The hamster will find Hint Coins.

Rating 2

Golden saved game icons

Unlock the following gold icons for display next to your saved game file by performing the corresponding tasks:

Flora with Layton's hat - Complete all 153 puzzles.
Layton - Beat the game.
Luke - Complete all puzzles in Story mode.

Rating 2

Completion Unlockables

Unlock the following bonuses at the "Top Secret" menu by completing the game with the corresponding numbers of Picarats:

Character Profiles - 2,500 Picarats
Character Voices - 4,000 Picarats
Game Music - 3,500 Picarats
Movies - 4,500 Picarats
Story Art - 3,000 Picarats
Final page of profiles - 5,500 Piccarats

Rating 2

Prequel bonus

Insert Professor Layton And The Curious Village, and have a completed saved game file with at least 129 puzzles solved. At the main menu, select the "Bonuses" option, then select the completed saved game. Select "Top Secret" > "The Hidden Door". Write down the eight character unique code displayed on "The Hidden Door Of St. Mystere" screen. Turn off the system, and insert Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box. At the main menu, select the "Bonuses" option, then select any game file. Choose the "Top Secret" option, then select "The Hidden Door" option. Choose "The Secret Of The Elysian Box" option. Enter the password obtained from Professor Layton And The Curious Village to unlock "Curious Present - The Secret Puzzle No.???". Solve this puzzle to see a picture of Professor Layton and Luke from their first adventure.

Rating 1

Unlockable Puzzles

Unlock the following puzzles by performing the corresponding tasks:

The Musicians House: Puzzles 139 to 141 - Collect all 10 Strange Camera pieces to make the camera. Take all nine photos with the camera, then find the three differences in each picture.
the Tea Master's House: Puzzles 142 to 144 - Get all tea ingredients to find the different tea brews. Give the correct tea brew to all 28 people in need.
The Animal Lover's House: Puzzles 145 to 147 - Get the hamster's fatness level down to 0. It takes 30 steps in a row to get the hamster to lose all the extra weight.
The Sweetheart's House: Puzzles 148 to 150 - Beat the main game.
Puzzles 151 to 153: Complete puzzles 1 to 150.

Rating 1

Tea Recipes

Create the following teas by combining the corresponding ingredients:

1. Belle Classic - Oasis Leaf, Brisk Berry, Belle Tart Seed
2. Oasis Berry - Oasis Leaf, Brisk Berry, Brisk Berry
3. Sugar Smoke - Oasis Leaf, Belle Tart Seed, Cinder Horse
4. Root Remedy - Oasis Leaf, Joy Root Clover, Tonic Flower
5. Cherry Boost - Brisk Berry, Peppercherry, Peppercherry
6. Bitter Fruit - Brisk Berry, Belle Tart seed, Tonic Flower
7. Dream Spice - Brisk Berry, Dream Fluff, Peppercherry
8. Clover Quencher - Brisk Berry, Joy Root Clover, Cinder Horse
9. Radiance Blend - Belle Tart Seed, Dreaf Fluff, Joy Root Clover
10. Cayenne Twilight - Dream Fluff, Joy Root Clover, Peppercherry
11. Cinder Flower - Dream Fluff, Tonic Flower, Cinder Horse
12. The Layton Elixer - Joy Root Clover, Peppercherry, Cinder HorseĀ 

Rating 0

Free hints

Save the game before starting a puzzle. Use Hint Coins to view the hints, then reload the saved game to solve the puzzle without using any Hint Coins.