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Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Cheats "Unlockable Puzzles" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlockable Puzzles

Unlock the following puzzles by performing the corresponding tasks:

The Musicians House: Puzzles 139 to 141 - Collect all 10 Strange Camera pieces to make the camera. Take all nine photos with the camera, then find the three differences in each picture.
the Tea Master's House: Puzzles 142 to 144 - Get all tea ingredients to find the different tea brews. Give the correct tea brew to all 28 people in need.
The Animal Lover's House: Puzzles 145 to 147 - Get the hamster's fatness level down to 0. It takes 30 steps in a row to get the hamster to lose all the extra weight.
The Sweetheart's House: Puzzles 148 to 150 - Beat the main game.
Puzzles 151 to 153: Complete puzzles 1 to 150.

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