Purr Pals Nintendo DS Cheats

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Food types hint

There are four different food types: Hungry Kitten just feeds your kitty, Shiny Kitten feeds and decreases your filth bar, Cuddly Kitten feeds and decreases your happy bar, and Playful Kitten feeds and decreases your play bar.

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Dancing kitten hint

Carry your kitten around in the garden on the dump truck and place the back of the truck against the birdbath. Dropp off your kitten. If done correctly, the kitten will appear on top of the birdbath and start dancing.

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Question mark hint

When the question mark bobs, the cat needs something. Note: it usually means it needs food, grooming, love, it or wants to be played with.

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Toys Hints

Use the following toys by performing the corresponding actions:

Mouse - Wind up the mouse counter-clockwise. Press the middle button and it will run around the room
Butterfly - Blow into the microphone and it will fly around the room.
String - Use the stylus to fly the cord anywhere desired.
Fishing Pole - Same as String, but with a fish at the end which your kitten will grab.
Lorry (Truck) - You can choose two options. "Carry Kitten" will carry the kitten on the back of the truck, but if you hit something he will moan as if he hurt something. With "Chase Kitten" there is a big red arrow on top of the screen which indicates where the kitten is. This is not recommended because controlling the truck works badly.
Ball - Tap on the ball then fling to throw it. Your kitten will chase it. Try to throw it into something such as the bath or sink. Your kitten will go where no real cat has ever gone by themselves.

Rating 1

Toilet flush hint

For this trick, simply get your kitty on top of the toilet in the bath room. There are many ways to do so: Select the heart picture to love on your kitty, tap on the toilet and leave the function with the kitten on top. Then, wait a couple seconds. Your kitten will jump once but be unsuccessfully. Your kitten will then jump a second time and successfully flush the toilet. You can also do this when playing with your kitten. Select the silly string and guide your cat on top of the toilet or by throwing the ball on top of the toilet, therefore causing the kitten to climb on top. You could also drop him off using the dump truck, but this is pretty difficult. Also, most of the time you find him sitting next to the toilet scratching the wall. You will need to use the squirt gun to discipline the kitten or else the next day you will owe $12.00 of house damage.

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Winning first place hint

To win first place in the cat show, make sure your pet's hunger, cleanliness, playfulness, and love has no more than three green bars. If love is belowthree bars, the judges should give you all 10s and say that you have won first place and you will win either $30 or $40.

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Dizzy kitty hint

When you have the fishing rod, quickly rotate counter clockwise until it will shakes its head. If done enough, it will bob his head as if it is dizzy.

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Princess hint

Name your female kitty "Princess" and buy a princess water, food bowl, and basket. It will look like they were made for her.

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The following is a list of games followed by how they are played:

Music - Tap the round music notes and hit the empty circles.
Cupid - Shoot the little hearts with a bow and arrow. It will become faster over time.
Copy Cat - Tap the circles in order of appearing cats.