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Purr Pals Cheats "Toilet flush hint" (Nintendo DS)

Game also available for:   Wii


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Toilet flush hint

For this trick, simply get your kitty on top of the toilet in the bath room. There are many ways to do so: Select the heart picture to love on your kitty, tap on the toilet and leave the function with the kitten on top. Then, wait a couple seconds. Your kitten will jump once but be unsuccessfully. Your kitten will then jump a second time and successfully flush the toilet. You can also do this when playing with your kitten. Select the silly string and guide your cat on top of the toilet or by throwing the ball on top of the toilet, therefore causing the kitten to climb on top. You could also drop him off using the dump truck, but this is pretty difficult. Also, most of the time you find him sitting next to the toilet scratching the wall. You will need to use the squirt gun to discipline the kitten or else the next day you will owe $12.00 of house damage.

2 years ago

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