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Purr Pals Cheats "Toys Hints" (Nintendo DS)

Game also available for:   Wii


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Toys Hints

Use the following toys by performing the corresponding actions:

Mouse - Wind up the mouse counter-clockwise. Press the middle button and it will run around the room
Butterfly - Blow into the microphone and it will fly around the room.
String - Use the stylus to fly the cord anywhere desired.
Fishing Pole - Same as String, but with a fish at the end which your kitten will grab.
Lorry (Truck) - You can choose two options. "Carry Kitten" will carry the kitten on the back of the truck, but if you hit something he will moan as if he hurt something. With "Chase Kitten" there is a big red arrow on top of the screen which indicates where the kitten is. This is not recommended because controlling the truck works badly.
Ball - Tap on the ball then fling to throw it. Your kitten will chase it. Try to throw it into something such as the bath or sink. Your kitten will go where no real cat has ever gone by themselves.

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