Puyo Pop Fever Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 5

Play as Popoi

To unlock Popoi, beat WakuWaku mode.

Rating 3

Alternate title screen

To make Rider appear instead of Amitie at the title screen, beat WakuWaku mode in Single-Player mode.

Rating 2

Control menu screen

You can move the bubbles around where they appear by blowing into the microphone.

Rating 2

Hidden mini-game

To play a hidden mini-game, at the title screen, blow into the microphone until a number appears at the bottom of the touch screen. Use the stylus or blow into the microphone to keep the falling Puyos from reaching the bottom.

Rating 1

All characters and intermission sequences

To unlock all characters and intermission sequences, go to "Options" > "Gallery". Highlight the option to view the intermission sequences, then while holding X, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.

Rating 1

Bonus gallery pictures

Have the Game Boy Advance game Puyo Pop Fever in the cartridge slot to unlock bonus pictures at the gallery menu.

Rating 1

Character select in Endless Puyo Pop mode

Select "Endless Puyo Pop" at the main menu and highlight a course. Then, press UP, DOWN, X, A. A sound will confirm correct code entry, indicating you can now play as any character in classic mode. To have a character's Puyo set, hold X while selecting the character at the selection screen.

Rating 1


To perform a taunt, blow into the microphone during gameplay.

Rating 0

Play as Carbuncle

To unlock Carbuncle, get less than four or more than twelve fevers without using any continues in HaraHara mode. Alternately, beat the game with your number of continues as a multiple of 7.

Rating 0

Character select in Single Puyo Pop mode

Select "Single Puyo Pop" at the main menu and, highlight a course (except for "Free Battle"). Then, press X, DOWN, UP, A. A sound will confirm correct code entry.