Rayman DS Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 4

The Menhir Hills vines

To avoid damage at the part in The Menhir Hills where there are vines blocking you from crossing and rockets are flying at you, do not blast them with your fists. Continue to spin in a circle and the rockets will become dizzy and stop attacking you. Jump onto the rocket and cross the vines.

Rating 3

Bonus level

To unlock a bonus level, collect all Lums and break all the cages.

Rating 2

Rabble Droid strategy

Use your shield to deflects the blue orb attack. However, when he uses the pink orb attack, shoot the orb to turn it blue, deflect it, then shoot it again to turn it pink again. This is the toughest part. When he fires the golden orb attack, grab on to the UFO and reel him in until the orb is quite close. Then, shoot the orb to blast him back. Repeat this about four times to destroy him.

Rating 2

Rayman Clone hint

Start a new game and take you out of the Buccaneer. Get to the place with a large hole and a cage, but don't break the cage. Instead, kill yourself by jumping down the big hole until you die. The level will restart, but now there's something more here. Remember where you first met Murfy? Go to that place.

Rating 1

Walk through wall in The Fairy Glade Part 1

In level 2 when you are about to free Li, continue straight where the first small turn is found. You will go through the wall then fall, but will die.

Rating 1

The Crows Nest hint

On the final level, the screen reads 0/0 Lums, but when you go in the level it will state that you have 41/40 Lums.