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Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Cheats "Bringing your father back" (Nintendo DS)


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Bringing your father back

After defeating the final Boss, your son or daughter will want to bring her or his father back from the Forest Of The Beginning. They will ask Barret if there is any way to bring is or her father back from the dead. He will say that there is a way but he forgot how. There are four shrines that you have to complete, each one containing a dragon or a big Boss guarding four pieces of the puzzle to bring back your father. Before reaching the big Boss, you must go through a gauntlet of monsters for each of the four shrines. After you defeat each monster and the door open to the teleport, you will see two switches on right and the left. When you press one of them, your character will say one of two things; either "I feel some strange power over me", or "Nothing happens". The first response is the one you need in order to continue. Kill the boss holding one four pieces of the book to revive your father. If you select the second response, you will have to repeat everything with more monsters until you get the correct switch. After obtaining all four pieces of the puzzle, talk to Barret. He will take the spell and will not return it to you. Your character will then say "I will find a way to bring back my dad and get the book for that spell." Barret will hide it in the back in the library, on the bottom shelf on the left side of the library. Start to learn the new spell, then go to your house and take a nap. The next day, after you wake up and go downstairs, use the new spell to bring your father back from the Forest Of The Beginning. When he returns, he will say "You didn't give up" and your character will explain that you missed him very much while he was gone. The credits and ending will start to roll Afterwards, your father will be downstairs by the fireplace and you can continue to play the game as your son or daughter.

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