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Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Cheats "Unlockable Trophies" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlockable Trophies

Unlock the following trophies in the basement of your house by performing the corresponding tasks:
All Friends Earn the friendship and love with all characters
All Items! Obtain every item found in Rune Factory 3.
First Catch Memory Catch your first fish.
First Date Memory Go to the location of your first date.
Game Clear! Watch the ending credits.
Level 100! Reach level 100.
Memories of 5 Years Reach to the 5th year of game time.
Memory of 10000000 Gold Get a total of 10000000 Gold in your inventory.
Memory of Sialance Maze Clear the Sialance Maze in the basement of your house.
Memory of your first pet Tame any monster.
The Big Feast! Win the Big Feast Festival on Fall 5th.

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