Scrabble Nintendo DS Cheats

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Unlockable Avatars

Unlock the following avatars by reaching the corresponding levels:

Lion Level 2.
Beaver Level 3.
Frog Level 4.
Badger Level 5.
Rabbit Level 5.
Squirrel Level 6.

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Unlockable Themes

Unlock the following themes by reaching the corresponding levels:

Classic Level 3.
Sunburst Level 4.
Spheres Level 5.
Water Level 6.

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Level up faster

The use of the game's multiplayer function with 2 DS's is required. Start a Classic game and turn on Challenging. Let the profile you wish to level up do moves, playing all seven of his tiles each turn for huge numbers of points. When it comes to the other player's turn, just have them pass. Repeat this cycle as needed to greatly improve your game stats, including your level, allowing you to better unlock avatars and themes.