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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Cheats "Passwords" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlock the following demons with the specified attributes by entering the corresponding passwords:

Alciel (Counter) - ALCARMOR
Cabracan (Sukunda, Mediarahan) - TRUSTIN SCALY ------- -----
Demonica-N (Gun, Watchful) - Special Password +Neutral
Demonica-L (Gun, Watchful) - Special Password +Law
Demonica-C (Gun, Watchful) - Special Password +Chaos
Hare of Inaba (Kamikaze) - X-X!Hoi
Heqet - A toasty frog
Jack Frost (Desperate Hit, Breath) - You can't laugh OR cry now!
Jirae Bagaboo - Special Password +Bagaboo
Jirae Bogaboo - Special Password +Bogaboo
Jirae Bugaboo - Special Password +Bugaboo
Koppa Tengu (Bufu, Zio) - Left hand freeze, Right hand shock
Megami Ishtar (Amrita, Silent Prayer, Invitation) - ICARUS FIGHTS, TAMMUZ ANGELS
Mothman (Garu, Magaru, Dream Needle) - Prophecy of wind
Oni (Resist Fire, Resist Ice, Resist Elec, Resist Wind) - Thick red skin
Pixie (Level 1) - Madoka Ueno
Promethius (Level 57) - Yu Namba
Silky (Bufula, Glacial Blast, Diarama, Media, Shooting Spree) - Soothing ice
Titania (Agidyne, Bufudyne, and Ziodyne, Megidolaon) - summon smt.queen
Yatagarasu (Level 59) - HELP ME

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