Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 4

New Game+ mode

Complete the game to unlock the option of starting a new game session with the previously earned items, of which include: Macca, consumable items, equipment, Base and Assist Forma, Demon Compendium (except for password unlocked content), Demon Fusions, and completed "Records" achievements and progress. You will also have twelve demon storage slots at the start of the game.

Rating 2

Secret Demon Codes

Unlock the following demons not found in in the normal game by entering the corresponding codes:

Black Sun, Alciel - ALCARMOR
Cabracan - TRUSTIN SCALY ------- ----- (second line is all dashes)
Demonee-Ho - You can't laugh OR cry now!
Demonica-C - Special Password+Chaos
Demonica-L - Special Password+Law
Demonica-N - Special Password+Neutral
Hare of Inaba unlocked that is 15 levels higher than normal - X-X!Hol
Heqet - A toasty frog
Koppa Tengu (Password is 2 lines) - Left hand freeze Right hand shock
Lv 1 Pixie with Megidolaon & Mediarahan - Madoka Ueno
Lv 10 Jueyuan - Beast and Snake tangle
Lv 2 Tangata Manu - Tutorial
Lv 20 C-N Bugaboo - Special Password +Bugaboo
Lv 20 L-N Bagaboo - Special Password +Bagaboo
Lv 20 N-N Bogaboo - Special Password +Bogaboo
Lv 27 Nue witth - James Kuroki
Lvl 65 Fairy with 99 Luck Megidoloan, Mediarahan, Recarm, Windbreaath, and Dream Fist - tAGtSk-Q4HHE7Bjv (1st line) KBvJvs#JUMu+3Nir (2nd line)
Megami Ishtar, a level 51 Light-Law demon - ISHTAR FIGHTS (line 1) TAMMUZ ANGELS (line 2)
Mothman - Prophecy of wind
Oni - Thick red skin
Pixie L01 - Madoka Ueno
Promethius L57 - Yu Namba
Queen of the Faeries, Titania - summon smt.queen
Silky - Soothing ice
Unlocks Chu Chulainn - Trust
Yatagarasu L59 - HELP ME

Rating 0


Unlock the following demons with the specified attributes by entering the corresponding passwords:

Alciel (Counter) - ALCARMOR
Cabracan (Sukunda, Mediarahan) - TRUSTIN SCALY ------- -----
Demonica-N (Gun, Watchful) - Special Password +Neutral
Demonica-L (Gun, Watchful) - Special Password +Law
Demonica-C (Gun, Watchful) - Special Password +Chaos
Hare of Inaba (Kamikaze) - X-X!Hoi
Heqet - A toasty frog
Jack Frost (Desperate Hit, Breath) - You can't laugh OR cry now!
Jirae Bagaboo - Special Password +Bagaboo
Jirae Bogaboo - Special Password +Bogaboo
Jirae Bugaboo - Special Password +Bugaboo
Koppa Tengu (Bufu, Zio) - Left hand freeze, Right hand shock
Megami Ishtar (Amrita, Silent Prayer, Invitation) - ICARUS FIGHTS, TAMMUZ ANGELS
Mothman (Garu, Magaru, Dream Needle) - Prophecy of wind
Oni (Resist Fire, Resist Ice, Resist Elec, Resist Wind) - Thick red skin
Pixie (Level 1) - Madoka Ueno
Promethius (Level 57) - Yu Namba
Silky (Bufula, Glacial Blast, Diarama, Media, Shooting Spree) - Soothing ice
Titania (Agidyne, Bufudyne, and Ziodyne, Megidolaon) - summon smt.queen
Yatagarasu (Level 59) - HELP ME