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Sims 2, The Cheats "Fast Social" (Nintendo DS)

Game also available for:   PSP


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Fast Social

Note: Save the game before attempting this trick. To perform this trick, you will need to have Optem Alfred living in your penthouse, and have every room built including the Bovine Shrine.Set the Nintendo DS system date to October 31 of the next year. Restart the system and start the game. You should have several messages. One of them should be the cashier at your hotel who says that a friendly ghost came to the hotel. Check for the ghost in these locations: Art Gallery, Mamma Hogg's Saloon, Hotel Lobby, Atrium, and Basement. When you see him, go to a person nearby and do a Social with him or her while close to the ghost. He will watch and make the Social go faster. When the mini-game is done, you will now make the social go faster for every person you socialize with. Go up to the ghost. To the right side of the screen you will see the words "Mood neutral" and there will be two selections which are "xxx Ofix mood social xxx" and "Give gift". Select the first option.

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