Sonic Rush Adventure Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 3

Sound test and bonus missions

To unlock the sound test and bonus missions, defeat the Titan Boss in Big Swell. Then, go to Seagull Beach on Windmill Island. Talk to the Koala with the guitar.

Rating 2

Deep Core

To unlock Deep Core, you need all 7 chaos emeralds and sol emeralds. You must also defeat the ghost titan. Deep Core will appear at the last chapter after you unlock it.

Rating 1

Sol emeralds hint

To collect the sol emeralds, discover and complete all islands at least once. Then, talk to the captain and he will tell you to inform Blaze that one of the emeralds have been located. You will either have to finish a race or replay the bosses.

Rating 1

Play as Blaze The Cat

To unlock Blaze The Cat, defeat the Kraken Boss in World 3 (Coral Cave).

Rating 0

Alternate ending

To unlock the final extra boss stage, collect all Sol and Chaos Emeralds to unlock Deep Core, the final extra Boss stage.

Rating 0

Faster Chaos Emeralds hint

After completing the game and fighting at Big Swell, Tails will ask you to get material for him to power up your watercrafts. You must power up the water bike twice to get the Emeralds faster. This excludes Sol Emeralds.

Rating 0

Cool stuff hint

Occasionally people will award you with various decorative items for your island. However, you will have to complete missions or pay rings for them.

Rating 0

Chaos emeralds hint

To get all of the chaos emeralds, defeat Jhonny in all 7 races scattered throughout the sea map. These are extremely harder as you go on.

Rating 0

Super blaze + Super Sonic hint

To get Super Blaze and Super Sonic, collect all sol and chaos emeralds and you will fight the final boss inside the islands massive volcano.