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Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals Cheats "Card Codes" (Nintendo DS)


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Card Codes

After reaching a certain point in the game, you will be able to enter card codes at the top left corner of the cargo room by tapping the following areas on the screen. Spectrobe codes may be used once a week. Item, mineral, and miscellaneous codes can only be used once.
ATK Seed 2341HPB
Azenor Cacti; Adult Spectrobe; Corona; Custom Color 2; Custom Part 1432IOB
Bakuraiya Wolve; Secret Spectrobe; Flash 4213GBM
Defense Seed; Mineral; Raises a Spectrobe's Max Def. 1432CLS
Dendama Spiko; Adult Spectrobe; Aurora 4213LFP
Evolve B; Mineral; Reduces number of battles needed for spectrobes to evolve to 0 2341CFS
EvolveL mineral 1432FGO
Extra Rooms; Lab System; 4 Extra Incubator Rooms 3124MHG
Gives you 80 attack 5 way blaster. 2341TCA
Hp Seed; Mineral; Raises a Spectrobe's Max Hp. 4213AFJ
Isadora Slizo (Secret Spectrobe) 3124APE
Kibetekaa Empra (Secret Spectrobe) 1432DLA
Leozar Dragos; Evolved Spectrobe; Corona; Custom Part 2341AIH
Lets you turn your ship orange. 3124CRG
Marine Wing; Cruiser Parts; Full Set 1432FQJ
Mugon (flash) child 4213RGN
Pagoni Talos (flash) adult 3124MPC
Pinska; DARK Adult Spectrobe; Aurora(Must be past certain part of the game to recieve this.) 4213FMS
Plasma Blaster; Strongest gun in the game 1432BDJ
Shimainu; Child Spectrobe; Corona 2341AJG
Tamzoa; Child Spectrobe; Flash; Custom Color 2 3124KFN
Titanium/Metalium/Marble(5) 3124MOG
Unlocks Anuberos Boomer 1432JOB
barrier sword adds to def+atk stats 3124abn

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