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Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals Cheats "Disney Gamer achievements" (Nintendo DS)


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Disney Gamer achievements

Unlock the following Disney Gamer achievements by performing the corresponding tasks:
Defeated Gelberus Defeat the second High Krawl, Gelberus.
Excavation Drill Purchase all excavation tools.
Field Battler Defeat 100 Krawl Dust.
Geo (item holding Ultimate Form) Beat Sequence Battle Level 3.
Krawlinator Defeat 1000 Encoutered Krawl.
Krux's Mask Defeat Krux.
New Digger Excavate 100 items.
Passed Training Beat Rallen's battle training.
Rallen's Sword Earn the first Krawl Dust medal.
Spectrobes 2 DS Log onto DGamer online with a username.
wireless Veteran Play 100 wireless 1 on 1 battles.

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