Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 6


If you are on a mission where you cannot kill someone, take out your rifle from your back and equip it with a camera. Then, zoom in on the person's head and shoot them with the camera.

Rating 5

Thermal Suit costume in Hokkaido level

To get the Thermal Suit costume in the Hokkaido level, find the wrench on the ground. Continue through the level until you reach the man who is shooting from the top of the building. After killing him, go to where he was. Then, run across the rooftop to the vent. Exit the room you fall into. The icon "Bash Door" should appear in the top left corner of the room. Bash the door and the costume will be in there.

Rating 2

Camouflage Sam costume in Lighthouse level

To get the camouflage Sam costume in the Lighthouse level, snipe the man on the roof, and before rappling down off the platform, stay on the platform. The costume is in the upper right corner.

Rating 2

Snow Guard costume in Battery level

To get the Snow Guard costume in the Battery level, find the wrench in the bathroom. The costume is in the room that is shaped like a "U", and has two cameras and four lasers. Enter the keycard room in there. In the right corner is a guard standing in the dark. Kill him and climb on the crate. Then, turn towards the next crate and select the option "Bash Door". the costume will be in there.

Rating 1

Displace Mercenary costume in Display level

To get the Displace Mercenary costume in the Display level, go to floor 3. To figure our which door has the costume, look through the optic cable. Once you see the green package, enter the room. The keypad lock code to the door is "5800".

Rating 1

Easy guard kills in Lighthouse level

To easily kill the guards in the Lighthouse level, after cutting the power, the guard will come to turn it on. Run past him as he comes through the doorway and he will say " Is someone there?". Run through the room. When you come back, you will find out that the lights are off and the guard is gone. He is around the corner. Equip your rifle and kill him.

Rating 1

National Guard costume in Manhattan Streets level

To get the National Guard costume in Manhattan Streets level, go to the open area just before you enter the penthouse. Kill the two guards and climb the pipe at one of the ends of the area. Go left and jump down to the next platform. The costume is around the corner.

Rating 1

Short sleeved Sam costume in Bank level

To get the short sleeved Sam costume in the Bank level, when you must steal millions of dollars by using the lockpick, go to the small vault left of the computer. Use the lockpick, and the costume will drop out.

Rating 0

Completion unlockables

Complete the game to unlock the "Enable Full Equipment" option at the "Extras" menu which gives you infinite ammunition, infinite items etc., and new character skins.

Rating 0

Argus Mercenary costume in Machi Akko level

To get the Argus Mercenary costume in the Machi Akko level, when you reach a hallway after falling out of a vent, there will be three room that require a lockpick to enter. In the third room will be a closet that cannot be opened. Continue to the bar, then go on stage and use the microphone. Sam will say something stupid. After he is done, turn around and look behind to see a keycard. This keycard will open the closet which contains the costume.

Rating 0

Masked Sam costume in Penthouse level

To get the Masked Sam costume in the Penthouse level, go to Zherkezhi's apartment and enter the first room on the top floor. Kill the guard and go to the long dark hallway at the top left of the room. There is a keypad lock to get in. The keypad code is "5698".

Rating 0

Displace Suit

The Displace suit is located in the room next to the room where you have your last chance to save. The code is "5800". There are nine suits in the game.

Rating 0

Shadownet Agent costume in Kokubo Sosho level

To get the Shadownet Agent costume in Kokobu Soshu level, once you go down to the elevator shaft Sam will consider the Descent to Hell. There will be lasers at the bottom. Once you are down there find a ladder to get back up. Climb it, and you will end up in a small room with lasers. The costume is in the back corner.