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Spyro: Shadow Legacy Cheats "Easy money hint" (Nintendo DS)


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Easy money hint

Having a Chi Roar is recommended. Go to the pathway between the dragon town and the Dragon Temple/Dojo building to find a large open field with three bears. Light the torch you can light and enter the hole. Go into the Shadow Realm and take out all of the Shadow Beasts. With the Crystal Of Fortuity, you will get many gems per entrance. If you have the largest wallet (4,999 gems), it will fill in 45 entrances if you have no money. Use this trick to buy the two largest holders that hold 12 Butterflies and 12 Mushrooms. A Butterfly Pouch costs 2,500 gems and a Mushroom Pouch is 2,600 gems. You only need to find 101 more gems to buy both after you have filled the wallet.

2 years ago

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