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Squishy Tank Cheats "Unlockable Costumes" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Eyebrow Tank - You won't find anyone with thicker eyebrows!
Attack Tank - A good attack? A good retreat, of course!
Bandage Tank - He'll be OK. Just a small head wound...
Construction Tank - Can he retreat? Yes, he can!
Business Tank - He greases the wheels and does the deals!
Log Cannon - Is that really a log...?
Ninja Tank - The original sneaking suit.
Helmet Tank - No need to retreat with this on your noggin!
Spyglass Tank - Well, it looks like a spyglass, at least.
Dragon Tank Z - Let's fly, fly, fly! Big tank adventure!
Afro Tank - How about a dance-off instead?
Fuedal Tank - He's not a samurai. He's a fisherman.
Big Boss Tank - Even this tough-as-nails hombre knows to retreat.
BabyBottleCannon - Don't retreat from raising your kid!
Festival Tank - He won't be so festive once you poke him!
Greaser Tank - Yo! Fuggedaboutit and just retreat!
Maid Tank - Maid to order.
Onion Tank - From your grocer to the battlefield!
Bottle Cannon - What's in the bottle? Water. Yep, water.
Flower Tank - This is the dawning of the Age of Atankquius!
Santa Tank - Ho ho ho! Merry retreat!
Dog Tank - He'll show that cat what for!
Ukulele Tank - Aloha. In Hawaiian, it means "retreat."
Robot Tank - Programmed to retreat!
DJ Tank - Retreat to the dance floor!
Witch Tank - I put a spell on you!
Devil Tank - Perfect for a devilish retreat!
Angel Tank - Those wings make for an easy retreat!
Ghost Tank - I ain't afraid of a tank ghost!
Magician Tank - He prefers to be called an "illusionist."
Stag Beetle Tank - Really? That's the reward? A STAG BEETLE?!
Dynamite Tank - General Abrams' secret weapon?

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