Star Fox Command Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 3

Alternate The Adventure Begins level

Complete the game five times to unlock a more difficult version of The Adventure Begins level.

Rating 3

WiFi ranking

When playing the game on WiFi, there is a letter near your name. If you just started playing on WiFi, your letter will be at Z. The letters represent your rank as a pilot, with "Z" being the lowest rank and "A" as the highest rank. The only way to increase your rank is to collect the stars from destroyed  enemy ships. Each star give you around 8% to 9%. When you reach 100%, your letter will increase to the next level. However, the only way for you to get all the experience from each star is to be in first place after each match. If you finish in second place, you will not receive the experience.

Rating 3

Death Crab strategy

-When one of his claws opens, shoot it repeatedly. Do not lock-on because you will probably hit a different part of his body. After he screams "No!" and flies into the air, destroy all his legs and his claws. Locking-on is once again not recommended. His mouth will then open when all his legs and claws are gone. Shoot it until he is dead. Note: Shooting the eyes can also be done because he attacks with them, but they eventually return after awhile.

-Select someone with a lot of bombs. As soon as you start, drop as many bombs as possible on the Death Crab. Go through the rings to get more whenever you run out. It is possibe to defeat the Death Crab in about one minute this way.

Rating 3

Revealing enemy location hint

When you make your flight plans, you can erase the "fog of war" by swiping the touch screen with your stylus. Do this to reveal enemy locations before you make a flight plan.

Rating 3

Key Of Destiny

Complete the game to unlock the Key of Destiny which allows access to the different paths and endings.

Rating 2

Alternate music

Complete the game with all endings to hear music from Star Fox 64 at the title screen and main menu.

Rating 1

Never miss barrel roll into ships

When you are at the end of a mission where you destroy the base, perform a barrel roll before you go through the beacons. You will continue to infinitely do barrel rolls as you go through the beacons and destroy the ship.

Rating 1

Flying trick

When someone is following you on WiFi mode, immediately press Loop followed by hitting the brakes. The other person will fly ahead, allowing you to get behind them.

Rating 1

Hell Mode

The first level of the game evolves to a harder one after completing the game five times. Once completed, this level replaces the original in the stage select menu and the original stage is no longer playable.

Rating 1

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bill Grey - Take the path that starts with the "Falco To The Fore!" mission.
James McCloud - Take the path that starts with the "Dash Makes A Choice" mission. James McCloud does not appear until near the battle's ending.
Katt Monroe - Take the path that starts with the "Pigmas's Revenge" mission.
Peppy Hare - Take the path that starts with the "Andross's Legacy" mission.

Rating 1

Stealing stars

While playing in WiFi mode, after someone is shot down, fly through the star while rolling to collect it.

Rating 0


Complete the game to unlock the Gallery.

Rating 0

Extra missile for the Great Fox

To get an extra missile for the Great Fox, destroy all enemies on the radar at an enemy base of fleet before collecting the last core. Finish the stage and go back to the map to get the extra missile.

Rating 0

One-hit kill lock-on shot

Note: This trick requires a character with the lock-on ability. Keep the thing you use to aim on an enemy while locking-on until the square that appears around them turns into a diamond. When you release the button to fire, the shot will kill them instantly

Rating 0

Unlockable Difficulties

Complete the game to unlock Hard difficulty. Unlock all four endings to unlock Super Hard difficulty.

Rating 0

Easy Missile Jetstream win

Note : You need a character with the lock-on ability. Charge your shots as you are flying through the beacons and, as soon as the missile is able to be locked on, fire and recharge. Two shots is usually enough.