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Super Mario 64 DS Cheats "Mario's basic techniques" (Nintendo DS)


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Mario's basic techniques

Press any direction then Y to accelerate. Hold Y to remain that way.

Run Dive
Start running then press A. Mario will do an instant dive, then slide on his stomach. While sliding it would be best to press B to hop quickly back on his feet.

Run Jump Dive
Start running, then press B. Mario will jump with medium acceleration. Then, press A and Mario will dive in mid- air. Note - This works best for gaps that you can get the triple jump to work. Then as you slide on your stomach, press B.

Running Slide Kick
Start running, then hold R and press A while still moving to do a sliding kick towards an enemy.

Do not press any direction and hold Y. Mario will charge up and run in place. Then, hold any direction to dash off.

Double Jump
This requires timing. When standing still, press B to jump. Just as you land, jump again. You should go higher. Note - It will not work a third time.

Triple Jump
You must be moving. Do the same thing as the Double Jump, but time it correctly one more time to do a super high jump.

Triple Jump Dive
Perform the Triple Jump, then press A.

3 hit combo

Press A(3) while standing still to do two punches and a jump-kick.

Press R to duck, crouch, or get down.

Ledge Grabbing
When you grab a ledge quickly press B to get up or R to descend.

Tree Climbing
When climbing on a tree, hold Y to accelerate up. When at the top of the tree, do not move then press Up. You will do a hand stand on top of the tree. Press B to go flying high into the air. Note - This is useful for places that you cannot reacy by foot.

Power Dunk
When in mid-air at almost any time, press R. Mario will stop in mid-air for a full second, curl up, then descend at a good speed directly downward. This is useful for boxes that need smashing.

Hold R and press in any direction to crawl. Crawling works best in small narrow spaces where it is easy to fall.

Super Backflip Somersault
Hold R and make sure you are crouching, then jump. You can maneuver slightly while in the air.

Super Hop
Long jump when needed to get to the other side of a gap. Run or jog, then hold R and jump.

Wall Jumping
Jump on a wall at a certain angle. Mario will slide down the wall. Press B to jump very high off of the wall.

Breakdance Sweep Kick
Remain still, then hold R and press A. Mario will sweep his feet around, then get back in crouching position.

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