Super Scribblenauts Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 1

See yourself

Spawn a Time Machine and play around with it for a little while. Eventually, a random event will occur, in which instead of going to the era you have selected, you will go back to Level 1-1 from the original Scribblenauts. There, you will see a past Maxwell loitering around the stage and your magnifying glass will not be able to identify him. You can interact with him the same way you interact with anything else, including killing him. Also, if you play with the Time Machine a little more, you will be sent to a stage in which you will witness Maxwell exiting the stage through his own Time Machine. When he leaves, there will be nothing else for you to interact with in the stage.

Rating 1

Going through rock glitch

If you have a solid wall (not item) next to you that you usually can't go through, place a tornado right next to it and enter the tornado. If the tornado shoots you toward the wall, sometimes you'll go through.

Rating 1

Special Items

Write the following words to get the corresponding items:

"Black Hole" - A small black hole that draws in any enemy or dangerous object before disappearing.
"Chi" - A Chinese dragon that you can ride.
"Freeze Ray" - Temporarily freezes enemies in an ice cube.
"Invincibility Cloak" - Wear it to become invincible.
"Invisibility Cloak" - When worn, you will be ignored by harmful creatures.
"Lunar Lander" or "Lunar Rover" - Low gravity transportation.
"Pegasus" - A flying animal you can ride.
"Pocket Knife" - Weapon.
"Reindeer" - A flying animal you can ride.
"Shrink Ray" - Shrinks any enemy creature.
"Time Machine" - Go through Dinosaurs, Egypt, Knights, Old West and Present/Future time eras.
"Wings" - Wear to be able to fly. 

Rating 0

Unlockable Merits

Unlock the following merits by performing the corresponding tasks:

Astronomer - Decorate the sky with every planet in the solar system.
Avatar Maniac - Purchase all avatars.
Behind The Scenes - Create three 5th Cell developers.
Brand New Pencil - Use 10 unique adjectives.
Break Time - Use the arcade machine.
Broken Pencil - Use 300 unique adjectives.
Clever Creation - Attach any three objects together.
Coloring Book - Create 10 objects with altered colors.
Colossal Contraption - Attach any ten objects together.
Connect The Dots - Complete any constellation.
Cracked Pencil - Use 200 unique adjectives.
Creative Concoction - Attach any six objects together.
Cthulhu Fhtagn - Create a mythos monster.
Daily Horoscope - Decorate the sky with the 12 zodiac symbols.
Dedicated Collector - Purchase 25 avatars.
Easter Egg - Create five hidden historical figures.
English Eagle - Create 10 unique objects.
Fantasy Fulfillment - Create 5 fantasy objects or use 5 fantasy adjectives.
Fatality! - Destroy the world.
Forbidden Fruit - Use Maxwell's notebook.
Full Replay - Complete all advanced mode levels.
Ginormous - Create the largest possible object.
Grammar General - Create 200 unique objects.
History Lesson - Use the time machine.
Home Grown - Complete a custom level.
Hypnotized - Hypnotize another character.
It's Alive! - Grant life to an inanimate object.
Kiss Me - Transform a creature into a frog.
Language Lion - Create 100 unique objects.
Letter Lieutenant - Create 25 unique objects.
Lion Tamer - Ride a creature that's normally hostile.
Looking Ahead - Create 5 science fiction objects or use 5 science fiction adjectives.
Master Morpher - Apply five adjectives to an object.
Maxwell In Disguise - Play as a different avatar.
Mega Mutator - Apply eight adjectives to an object.
Micronized - Create the smallest possible object.
Money Vault - Hold 10,000 ollars in your bank.
Nice Wallet - Hold 5,000 ollars in your bank.
Over Budget - Completely fill the budget meter.
Piggy Bank - Hold 1,000 ollars in your bank.
Rad Recombiner - Apply three adjectives to an object.
Really Big Lizards - Create 5 dinosaurs.
Replay - Complete a level in advanced mode.
Russian Doll - Put an object inside an object inside an object.
Sharpened Pencil - Use 25 unique adjectives.
Skin Of Your Teeth - Catch a Starite while Maxwell is being defeated.
Starite Apprentice - Catch 10 Starites.
Starite King - Catch 121 Starites.
Starite Master - Catch 60 Starites.
Suit Up - Fully equip Maxwell.
Syllable Savant - Create 50 unique objects.
Teleported - Use the teleporter.
Texture Artist - Create 5 objects made out of altered materials.
The Fourth Wall - Apply the secret Super Scribblenauts adjective.
Welcome Mat - Set a custom level as your playground.
Well Used Pencil - Use 50 unique adjectives.
Window Shopper - Purchase 10 avatars.
Word Warrior - Create 300 unique objects.
Worn Down Pencil - Use 100 unique adjectives.
You Can Fly - Equip any flying gear or mount.

Rating 0

Final Starite

Create a time machine and use it repeatedly until you are taken to a stage with another Maxwell and a Starite in a tree. This is the 121st Starite that is required to complete the game.

Rating 0

Various Word Effects

Write the following words to get the corresponding items or effects:

"Loituma Girl" - Girl.
"Rick Roll" - Boy.
"Post Two One Seven" - Nuke that destroys everything when activated.
"Ninja Cat" - YouTube cat.
"Gaf" - Round ball that you can ride.
"Fertile Woman" - Woman that becomes pregnant when she touches you.
"Tit" - Little Chicken.
"Killer" - Murderer that tries to kill you.
"Ur Mom" - Zombie.
"Spaghetti Cat" - Cat eating spaghetti.
"Om Nom Nom Nom" - Robot mouth that you can use as a platform.
"Do Not Want" - Unknown.
"Piano Cat" - Cat playing the piano.
"Lolwut" - Big head mode.
"Shrink Ray" - Self-explanatory
"Popo" - Police officer.
"Zanbato" - Sword.
"Gorgon" or "Gorgon Head" - Kill to get her head and petrify people.
"Hydra" - Three-headed dragon.
"Cerberus" - Three-headed dog.
"Butterfly", "Insect", Bat", or "Dragon Wings" - Stylish wings.
"Freeze Ray" - Freezes people.
"Growth Ray" - Make someone one size larger when hit.
"Shrink Ray" - Make someone one size smaller when hit.
"Chimera" - Self-explanatory.
"Vampiric" - Become a vampire.
"Ghostly" - Become a ghost.
"Piratic" - Pirate hat and sword.
"Zombie" - Become undead.
"Mutant" - Become a mutant.
"Alien" - Become an alien.
"Decapitated" - Person's head disappears.
"Armless" or "Legless" - Remove arms or legs.
"Holy" or "Unholy" - Become an angel or demon.