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Super Scribblenauts Cheats "Special Items" (Nintendo DS)


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Special Items

Write the following words to get the corresponding items:

"Black Hole" - A small black hole that draws in any enemy or dangerous object before disappearing.
"Chi" - A Chinese dragon that you can ride.
"Freeze Ray" - Temporarily freezes enemies in an ice cube.
"Invincibility Cloak" - Wear it to become invincible.
"Invisibility Cloak" - When worn, you will be ignored by harmful creatures.
"Lunar Lander" or "Lunar Rover" - Low gravity transportation.
"Pegasus" - A flying animal you can ride.
"Pocket Knife" - Weapon.
"Reindeer" - A flying animal you can ride.
"Shrink Ray" - Shrinks any enemy creature.
"Time Machine" - Go through Dinosaurs, Egypt, Knights, Old West and Present/Future time eras.
"Wings" - Wear to be able to fly. 

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