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Super Scribblenauts Cheats "Various Word Effects" (Nintendo DS)


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Various Word Effects

Write the following words to get the corresponding items or effects:

"Loituma Girl" - Girl.
"Rick Roll" - Boy.
"Post Two One Seven" - Nuke that destroys everything when activated.
"Ninja Cat" - YouTube cat.
"Gaf" - Round ball that you can ride.
"Fertile Woman" - Woman that becomes pregnant when she touches you.
"Tit" - Little Chicken.
"Killer" - Murderer that tries to kill you.
"Ur Mom" - Zombie.
"Spaghetti Cat" - Cat eating spaghetti.
"Om Nom Nom Nom" - Robot mouth that you can use as a platform.
"Do Not Want" - Unknown.
"Piano Cat" - Cat playing the piano.
"Lolwut" - Big head mode.
"Shrink Ray" - Self-explanatory
"Popo" - Police officer.
"Zanbato" - Sword.
"Gorgon" or "Gorgon Head" - Kill to get her head and petrify people.
"Hydra" - Three-headed dragon.
"Cerberus" - Three-headed dog.
"Butterfly", "Insect", Bat", or "Dragon Wings" - Stylish wings.
"Freeze Ray" - Freezes people.
"Growth Ray" - Make someone one size larger when hit.
"Shrink Ray" - Make someone one size smaller when hit.
"Chimera" - Self-explanatory.
"Vampiric" - Become a vampire.
"Ghostly" - Become a ghost.
"Piratic" - Pirate hat and sword.
"Zombie" - Become undead.
"Mutant" - Become a mutant.
"Alien" - Become an alien.
"Decapitated" - Person's head disappears.
"Armless" or "Legless" - Remove arms or legs.
"Holy" or "Unholy" - Become an angel or demon.

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