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Tetris DS Cheats "Unlockable Music Tracks" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlockable Music Tracks

Unlock the following music tracks at the sound test menu by performing the corresponding tasks in Standard Marathon mode:

Ancient Tetris (Tetris GB Music A) - Reach level 19
Balloon Tetris (Touch Mode Theme) - Reach level 14
Basement Tetris (Super Mario Bros. 1-2) - Reach level 3
Bowser Battle (Super Mario Bros. 1-4) - Reach level 10
CongraTetris - Beat Standard Marathon mode
Mario Tetris 3 (Super Mario Bros. 3 Overworld) - Reach level 4
Rushed Tetris - Reach level 16
Tetris Climber (Ice Climber Theme) - Reach level 15
Tetris DK (Push Mode Theme) - Reach level 13

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