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Room Items and Actions

The following are items and actions that can be done in the various rooms:

Room woke up in - Use dog key
Pinned corpse
Key hanger - Dog key
Dog door - Use dog key
Archives - Pull the "correct" book
Operation room - Crank
Body disposal room - Use stone with luminating liquid on hole
Exam room
Switchboard - Turn on the normal button
Cell - Old hammer
Sacha's corpse - Key card
Confined cell - Exam room key
S Shutter - Look here for hint
Sculpture (people dancing)
Sculpture (asking for forgiveness) - Use old hammer
Sculpture (people working)
Electrical control room - Use keys for lifts and shutters
Slashing torture room - Knife
Water torture room - Fuel tank, block of ice
Fire torture room - Melt block of ice, obtain W elevator key, matches
Hanging torture room - Mirror of prayers, cloth
Drug torture room - Ethanol, matches
Electrical torture room - Pliers, matches, e elevator key
Corpse near the northwest door - Hint for opening northwest door
Northwest door - From bottom, donkey, dog, cat, chicken.
Walk-in freezer - Frozen towel
Storage room - Hose
Kitchen - Fuel tank
Dining room - Blowtorch
Pantry (lower floor)
Pantry (middle floor) - Chicken key
Pantry (upper floor)
Chicken door - Use chicken key
Power plant controlling device - Plastic explosives

Laboratory A (storage)
Laboratory A-2 - Make neutralizer
Laboratory A-1 - Use rock, obtain boots
Laboratory B-1 - Open B-2 door
Laboratory B-3
Laboratory B-2
Laboratory B-4 - Use serum, obtain gas mask
Laboratory C-1 - Hook, winch
Laboratory C-2 - Cord
Laboratory D-4 - Hints about Lab D
Laboratory D-1
Laboratory D-2 - Put out fire
Laboratory D-3 - Obtain sun paper from safe (at bottom of screen)
Devil Statue - Golden key
Elevator (W) - use cord
Resting Room - Security Office Key
Security Office - Move shelf to reveal poster
Storage room - Bolts, bullets, grenades
Specimen room 1 - Rope
Specimen room 2 - Flare
Specimen room 3 - Bundle of keys
Specimen room 4 - Lab coat (with drawer key)
Pantry - Shovel, towel
Kitchen - Use flare, hose
Hall - Blue spear key
Pool control room - Obtain pool key
Culture pool - Use gas mask before entering, obtain main conference room key
Main conference room - Use flashlight, obtain mysterious key (L)
Storage room door - Use crowbar and crossbow
Storage room (blue, green, red) - Use respective colored spear keys
Large office - Green spear key
Door to residential area - 0512
Toxic Hallway
Equipment room - Iron ball
Locker room
Men's bathhouse - Crowbar
Women's bathhouse - Chains
Developing room - Curtains
Training room
Shooting range - Use curtain, obtain crossbow
Front desk - Blankets
Elevator (E) - Use cord
Maintenance room - Find Frasier's birthday (March 19)
Stained-glass room - Use gun, obtain red spear key

Pipe Organ - use gear, sun paper, moon paper, flower paper, girl paper, mother paper.
The Altar - key of trials

Bottom right cluster
Room of Trials - touch smiling child (insert six gems from Room of Destruction, Purification, Sorrow, Benediction, Condemnation, Life)

Past Sun Door
Stairs to 2F
Room of Carvings
Room of Pictures
Warehouse - elixirs, 2x4s
Room of rubble - Hammer
Room of rubble
Armory - Proximity mines

Past Moon Door
Central Management Room - Password is 0319
Courtyard Water Fountain - Bullets, grate to downstairs
Courtyard Storage - Use gun on door (flashlight, blanket)
Courtyard Greenhouse (large) - Use crowbar on door
Courtyard Greenhouse (small) - pistol
Pethouse - Grate key, girl paper
Water fountain room - Garden key (use crossbow at the top of the fountain after using the neutralizer)
Stained glass - Use crowbar
Garden - Touch red flowers, obtain flower paper and mysterious key (R)

Laboratory 1 - Read
Laboratory 2 - Read
Generator room - Go upstairs

Private room 1 - Touch vase
Private room 2 - Moon paper
Private room 3 - Military gloves

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