Tony Hawk's American Sk8land Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 2

Change ribbon color

When you turn the DS on, go to "System Settings" at the bottom of the screen (it is the picture of the DS), then go to "Personal Settings" (the picture of a person) and tap the color scheme (the top option, with the squares). Select a color, press A, press B(2), then press A again. Start the DS again, this time starting the game. Anytime you do a spine transfer, flip, roll, etc., there is a trail of color coming out of your board. That color will be the one you selected.

Rating 1

Secret board and graffiti art

Go to the Graffiti Editor and use the stylus to select the tool in the upper-left corner of the bottom screen. Next, at the color palette at the bottom, select the bright red that is in the bottom row and color the top part of the board red so that  two-thirds of the board remain. Make sure you color every part of the top portion. Next, select the bright green in the bottom row in the color palette and color the middle section green. Again, make sure you get every part in the middle section. Finally, use the bright blue in the bottom row of the palette and color the entire bottom section blue. Once you have done that, double-check that you have everything colored in and haven't missed a spot, and that every color takes up one-third of the board. Now, in the color palette, touch the color in the top row all the way to the left, then touch the color swapper tool (the object that looks like two boxes with an arrow between them). You will have a picture of two stick men holding various objects. Do the entire process again, except this time do it in the Board Editor. When you have filled the board with the appropriate colors in the correct places as described above, select the "transparent" color and choose the color swapper tool. The picture will magically change into a pixelated Scottish man, complete with kilt and golf club.

Rating 1

Wall riding glitches

In the Beverly Hills level is found a building labeled 69 Snack Shop. If you try to wallride from the right to the left of the front wall (this is from the player's perspective), you will more often than not bail. There is also a chance that it will result in your skater not wallriding at all, but just acting as if you only jumped into the wall, while you still hear the wallride sound effect. It is possible to bail on this wall so that your skater falls on the low ledge in front of the building rather than falling to the ground. This allows you to skate for a short time on the wall. However, you will gravitate toward one side of the building, and jumping will result in bailing on the ground. It is possible to launch yourself off of the wall either toward the nearest building, or a huge distance toward the Brassy City Hall. There is also a small visual glitch where on the right side of the building's front wall (player's perspective) there is a gap between the ground and the wall of the building, leaving a thin, light blue line.

Rating 0

Legacy camera and credits

Complete Story mode to unlock the legacy camera and credits. The legacy camera makes the camera view similar to the Game Boy Advance version of the Tony Hawk games.

Rating 0

Unlockable Cheat Options

Unlock the following cheat options by completing Classic mode with the corresponding amounts of characters:

Create-A-Skater - Complete Classic mode with one character
Infinite rail, manual, and lip balance - Complete Classic mode with two different characters
Tiny Mode - Complete Classic mode with three different characters
Giant Mode - Complete Classic mode with four different characters
Matrix Mode - Complete Classic mode with five different characters
First Person Camera - Complete Classic mode with six different characters
Replay Cam - Complete Classic mode with seven different characters
Turbo Mode - Complete Classic mode with eight different characters
Always Special - Complete Classic mode with nine different characters
Paper Tony - Complete Classic mode with ten different characters
Hoverboard - Complete Classic mode with eleven different characters
Nearly Always Ribbon - Complete Classic mode with twelve different characters
Ninja Skater - Complete Classic mode with all thirteen characters