Transformers: Decepticons Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 4

Ratchet strategy

Before starting the "Ratchet Retaliation" battle, make sure you are a helicopter. When you start, transform. Ignore the other Autobots and just fly back and forth attacking Ratchet. If you get low health, attack the tanks and most time they give you health.

Rating 3

Float to top of level

To have your transformer float to the top of the level boundary, you will need the ability to climb walls. Go to any level with any vehicle form. Go to the boundary of any level that is formed by a wall that you can climb. Once you find one, climb to the top. Once you reach the top, you will fall. The instant that happens, keep tapping X while holding Up so that you stay at the top of the wall, but keep loosening your climbing grip. Eventually your Transformer will look like it is going to get on or over the wall. Once this happens, do not move the D-pad. Your Decepticon will slowly float to the top of the level boundary. From here you can move your view and look around, but moving your character will cause you to fall to the ground.

Rating 3

360 spin

Select a helicopter form in Tranquility and go to the water bay. Head as far as you can, then transform after going as high as you can. The robot will drop for a moment and get stuck. Press L and R to spin the camera in midair.

Rating 2

Armageddon mode

Beat the game to unlock Armageddon mode. In Armageddon mode, everything that is destroyed explodes.

Rating 2

Full health and no wanted level

While playing in Free Play mode, press Start. Then, go to "Vehicle Form" and select "Confirm". Press B to return to the game with full health and no wanted level.

Rating 2

Bumblebee strategy

Shoot at him while you follow him and when he stops, attack him while jumping. When he takes off again, repeat the process.

Rating 1

Play as G1 Starscream

To unlock G1 Starscream, go to any Target with a DS Download Station, and download the Transformers DS trailer.

Rating 1

"The Final showdown" easy completion hint

When you face Starscream, kick him in the back five times to make him drop the AllSpark. Pick it up and swing it at him. You will be inflicted serious damage. You will be Megatron and can fly through the city and destroy Starscream.

Rating 0

WiFi Token Unlockables

Unlock the following bonuses by collecting the corresponding amounts of WiFi tokens.

Love Cruiser - Collect 250 WiFi Tokens.
Psycho Cars - Collect 500 WiFi Tokens. This makes cars constantly hit you in Free Roam mode.
Stunt Car - Collect 750 WiFi Tokens.
Infinite Energy - Collect 1,000 WiFi Tokens. Alternately, get a 100% game completion.
Scout - Collect 1,500 WiFi Tokens.

Rating 0

Funky Bus

To unlock the Funky Bus, connect to the Allspark Wars server.

Rating 0

Jazz strategy

To defeat Jazz with Megatron, climb the building behind you and attack all the turrets without destroying them. When all five turrets are decently damaged, go to one of the corners and attack the furthest one. After doing this, Jazz will send Autobots to attack you. Ignore them and just go to the next turret and destroy it. Continue doing this until none remain. After finishing this, a cinematic with Megatron chasing Jazz will play. When the battle starts, attack Jazz with your heavy weapon, which will be difficult because Jazz is always moving. However, he will receive a lot of damage. Also, if possible, do not go toward Jazz because he will simply jump away. If your health gets too low, find the entrance to the Sector 7 underground base. If you see it, barely go into it then start running and transform. Use the afterburner or Jazz will shoot you. If you manage to get to the bottom, destroy objects for health. Once you have full health, go back out and attack Jazz again.

Rating 0

Police chopper bonuses

When you have the ability to scan helicopters, scan a police chopper. Then, select that chopper and turn it completely black. You will now be capable of the following options. You must have at least twenty cars, jets, etc. for these to work:

Level 5, invisible to enemies
Invincible to street autobots, police cars, etc.
Level 80, can fly through mountains, intangible, and unlimited energy.

Rating 0

Bumblebee and Barricade strategy

When you chase Bumblebee as Starscream, follow him until he transforms. To kill Bumblebee, jump around him in circles while shooting both your guns (light and heavy). After he dies, Starscream will have the AllSpark and Barricade will attack. There are two ways to kill him: the first is to move left and right while shooting your heavy weapon. When he (Barricade) transforms, jump off the building and destroy trees to restore your health. Climb back up and repeat the process. The other way is to transform and fly back and forth while shooting.