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TRON Evolution Cheats "Cheat Codes" (Nintendo DS)


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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the "Cheat" menu:

D44FAEEE- Death Touch (One Hit Kills Anything)
42E7E72F- Infinite Disc Charge
14FE3768- Infinite Health
3B41769E- Caves (Grid Game Arena)
939A479F- Infinity (Grid Game Arena)
4EF58965- RR Stadium (Grid Game Arena)
5BF38D02- Command Tank
6E294EC2- Revolution Cycle
573C74DD- Gibson (Playable Character in Disc Arena)
2874892C- Radia (Playable Character in Disc Arena)
C9C8ADF9- Tron (Playable Character in Disc Arena)
03D60071- Radia Costume DGamer Item (for DGamer Avatar)
7493447A- Rinzler Suit DGamer Item (for DGamer Avatar)
3CFBB754- Toy Light Cycle DGamer Items (for DGamer Avatar)
372DF8A9- Light Cycle and Disc Trail Pattern # 1
6B45D125- Light Cycle and Disc Trail Pattern # 2
BEB8C801- Light Cycle and Disc Trail Pattern # 3
D8FE3944 - Light Cycle and Disc Trail Pattern # 4

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