Valkyrie Profile: Covenant Of The Plume Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 8

Seraphic Gate hint

Build a team consisting of Darius, Heugoe and any other two characters ( preferably one sorcerer). Then, set the attack queue as follows: Darius-Ascender, Darius-Descender, Heugoe-Windburn. This will make Heugoe gain several extra hits in every siege. Give him priority when selecting weapons and have a mage learn Heal as soon as possible, as well as Dark Saviour, since many enemies in the SG are resistant to Light. Also, Normalise will not be necessary. Select Withdraw after the first battle to repeat until you have four copies of The Art of Dashing, then equip someone with the Treasure Hunter accessory for the first few battles since you may pick up several valuable items. When you encounter Lesser Aesir units, equip everyone with freeze check accessories since the Lesser Aesir Sorceresses that you will encounter soon after use Frigid Damsel. Darius may be replaced by Hrist or Lenneth when you recruit them. Be wary of enemy sieges and make defeating enemy archers a priority.

Rating 5

Garm strategy

Garm's flames attack with spells like fire storm. Prepare to take tons of magic damage. Garm is very strong but doesn't move. If you remain near her, you will be attacked.

Rating 1

Seraphic Gate

Complete the game three times and view all three endings to unlock Seraphic Gate at the "Configurations" menu.

Rating 0

Completion bonuses

Complete the game to unlock New Game+ mode, which allows you to keep all items and magic from your previous playthrough.