Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 2

Birthday cake

Set the system date to your birthday to get a cake, then break it with the shovel to get Happy Candy, Romance Candy, and a Kittyfloss or other egg.

Rating 2

Buzzlegum hat

Buy Buzzlegum a bee keeper hat from Gretchen to make him go in the building by himself.

Rating 2

Tinkerer hint

When you get the Tinkerer, place random fruits and vegetables in your garden. Then, go to town, select the Tinkerer, and select on one of your fruits or vegetables to have him possibly turn that food into something new. Note: Some food cannot be tinkered.

Rating 1


Evolve the following Pinatas by performing the corresponding tasks:

Candary - Give a Sparrowmint a buttercup flower.
Fourheads - Tap a Twingersnap egg until smoke appears.
Juicygoose - Give a Quackberry a gooseberry.
Salamango - Give a Newtgat a chili.
Twingersnap - Tap a Syrupent egg until smoke appears.
ReddHot - Burn a Tattfly on the torch then put it out with the watering can or give a Taffly a firebrand.
Zumbug - Give a Horstachio a blackberry.

Rating 1

Alternate title screen

Complete the game with a 100% game completion to unlock an alternate title screen that displays the Pinata Central.