World Championship Poker Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 3

Avoid repeating earlier rounds

After completing the first round of a Hold 'Em tournament, do not go "all in" on a hand in the later rounds. When you get down to about $500 or more, when asked if you want to play again at the end of a hand, say "No." You can restart the tournament on the round you are currently on instead of completing the earlier rounds again.

Rating 2

Easy money

Go into the Air Hockey room and look at the cola machine, then walk back. Press A + B + R immediately. You should get $200.

Rating 2

Avoid losing

If you lose a new game, turn off the DS. When you turn it back on, you will still have all your money.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the "Touch Screen To Start" screen:

Amazon casino - Y, X, Y, B, L, R, LEFT
Nebula casino - Y, X, Y, B, L, R, RIGHT
Renaissance casino - Y, X, Y, B, L, R, UP
All casinos - Y, X, Y, B, L, R, DOWN

Rating 0

Partially go in the Nebula glitch

Go up to the Nebula to receive a message telling you to win a tournament. Go out, then go in backwards and you will see a spaceship hall.

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Nebula secret chips

Go next to the tournament table in the Wild Corral casino. Use the map to find the northeast corner of the room and look at the floor. You will find a red poker chip that allows you to enter the Nebula. Additionally, enter the Air Hockey room from the right side entryway. Look along the floor of the right wall to find a red poker chip. Pick it up and enter the Nebula.