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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Cheats "Unlockable Trophies" (Nintendo DS)

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Unlockable Trophies

Unlock the following trophies by performing the corresponding tasks:

Air Shockwave - Stay in the air for three seconds.
Angel - Perfect block 50 times.
Brutal Combo (Lion Head) - Achieve a 40 hit combo chain.
Feral Combo (A Wolf Paw) - Achieve a 20 hit combo chain.
Furious Combo (Wolf Head) - Achieve a 60 hit combo chain.
Gold Cup - Juggle your enemies 20 times.
Hawkeye's Mask - Break 100 objects.
Rabid Animal (Triangle Of Stars) - Go into berserker rage 14 times.
Rabid Combo (Fist) - Achieve a 10 hit combo chain.
S #1 - Earn an "S" rank on Level 1.
S #2 - Earn an "S" rank on Level 2.
S #3 - Earn an "S" rank on Level 3.
S #4 - Earn an "S" rank on Level 4.
S #5 - Earn an "S" rank on Level 5.
Trophy Hunter (Big Star) - Collect 100 dogtags.
Untouchable (Scout Symbol) - Take no damage in a level.
Vicious Combo (Demon Head) - Achieve a 70 hit combo chain.
Wishful Thinking (Blue Ribbon) - Defeat Victor Creed in the Prologue.
Wolverine's Claw - Finish 10 enemy waves using heavy (X) attack.
You Win Bub (Shield) - Beat the game.

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