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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse Of Arcadia Cheats "Character Locations" (Nintendo DS)


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Character Locations

After completing Story mode, find the following characters in the corresponding locations:

B.A.D. Area
Kalin - Enforcers Hideout
Trudge - Entrance Area
Itsuki - Entrance Area
Annie - Entrance Area
Arashiyama - Team Black & Blue's Hideout, left side of 1st floor
Clock - Team Black & Blue's Hideout, middle of 2nd floor
Kiyoto - Team Black & Blue's Hideout, far right of 3rd floor
Hiroyuki - Outside Team Black & Blue's Hideout
Natsumi - Outside Team Black & Blue's Hideout (must rescue Hana first)
Kuroe - Team Dirty Works Hideout
Kameno - Team Dirty Works Hideout
Ida - Team Dirty Works Hideout
Hayakawa - Outside Team Dirty Works Hideout
Gordon - Outside Team Dirty Works Hideout
Narumi - Card Shop
Salida Noula - Card Shop
Yusuke - Card Shop
Mimi - Outside Card Shop
Chihiro - Outside Card Shop
Sumetana - In front of Securities building

Satellite Slums

Crow - Old Highway
Yusei - Old Highway
Igusa - Team Non-Securities Hideout, outside
Hashinoshima - Team Non-Securities Hideout, outside
Torino - Team Non-Securities Hideout, inside
Mitchie - Team Non-Securities Hideout, inside
Gushizawa - Team Non-Securities Hideout, roof
Tetsuzo - Entrance Area
Sugimoto - Entrance Area
Globe - Parts Shop
Lagoon Noula - Parts Shop
Rossi - Parts Shop
Roy - Outside Parts Shop
Oda - Outside Parts Shop
Anna - Outside Parts Shop
Hideki - Old Highway

New Domino City

Akiza - Highway
Leo - Entrance Area
Luna - Entrance Area
Jack - Duel Stadium - Outside
Hunter - Duel Stadium - Outside
MC - Duel Stadium - Inside
Randsborg - Duel Stadium - Inside
Carly - Waiting Room
Mina - Waiting Room
VP Heitmann - Lower left corner of Entrance Area
Seria - West of Entrance Area
Giado - West of Entrance Area
Kurihara - Stadium Gates
Shirase - Stadium Gates
Bass - Highway

Daimon Area

Facility Chief - Facility (must have examined flier near Peko)
Blister - Blister's Room
Bolt - Blister's Room
Dexter - Underground Duel Arena
Liquid - Spare Room (after event)
Okita - Spare Room (after event)
Jean - Outside Bootleg
Robinson - Outside Bootleg
Coppola - Inside Bootleg
Angie - Underground Duel Arena Entrance
Morrison - Underground Duel Arena Entrance
Figaro - Underground Duel Arena
Corse - Underground Duel Arena (must have Akiza as Tag Partner)
Aase - Entrance Area
Oscar - Parts Shop
Kalisse Noula - Parts Shop
Kawasaki - Parts Shop
Motoi - Outside Parts Shop
Fukoka - Outside Parts Shop
Grammy - Card Shop
Alina Noula - Card Shop
Roy - Card Shop
Ticera - Outside Card Shop
Honda - Outside Card Shop
Peko - Structure Deck Duels

Arcadia Movement
Liquid - In front of ruins (before event)
Okita - In front of ruins (before event)
Check - Inside testing room
Nino - Inside testing room
Sayer - Inside testing room (far left)

Goodwin's Mansion

Tashiro - Left side
Smith - Right side
Lazar - In front of gate

Spirit World

Torunka - Main Square
Eiki - Zeman's Castle
Zape - Zeman's Castle
Regulus - East of Main Square
Key Mace - Main Square
Key Mace #2 - East of Main Square
Gate Mace - Outside Town, behind tree in area where you first arrive

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