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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller Cheats "Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour bonuses" (Nintendo DS)


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour bonuses

To do the following, you will need another Nintendo DS with Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour. Select the "Wireless Connection" option in both systems simutaneously. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour, create a room. In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller enter the newly created room with Spirit Caller. The game should automatically save. Exit Wireless Connection mode on both systems. In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller, go back to your dorm room and enter the closet. You should find the Stuffy Collared Shirt, Cheap Duel Disk, and a title based on your level and card collection in Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour.

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