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NBA Elite 11 PS3 Cheats

Game also available for:   iPhone  |  XBOX 360

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Trophy How To Unlock
Quick Deuce

Reach Level 2 in Become Legendary mode.

Reach Level 5 in Become Legendary mode and get signed to Jordan Brand.
Dime Time

Reach Level 10 in Become Legendary mode.
Freshly Laced

Reach Level 12 in Become Legendary mode and unlock your second tier of Jordans.
They See Me Rollin'...

Reach Level 15 in Become Legendary mode.
Broad Strokes

Get one level in every DNA stat level in Become Legendary mode.
Shakin' Hands

Get drafted in Become Legendary mode.
Don't Call It a Comeback

Complete a 'bounce back' objective in Become Legendary mode.
Dust Him For Prints

Get every 'fingerprint' at least once in Become Legendary mode.

Complete a matchup objective before reaching Legend Level 10.
Strike a Match

Complete a matchup objective in between Legend Levels 10 and 17.
Face of the Franchise

Complete a matchup objective after Legend Level 17.
Getting Started

Reach Level 2 for your EASBA Pro.
Starting to Make A Name

Reach Level 10 for your EASBA Pro.
Over the Hump

Reach Level 15 for your EASBA Pro.
No 'I' In Team

Play a game on an EASBA squad.
One and Done?

Play in an EASBA Playoff Game.
Pick Up Run

Play in an EASBA Pick-Up Game.
Making Friends

Get a Perfect Team-Play Grade in an EASBA Game.

Win the championship in Dynasty Mode.
Baby Steps

Reach Level 2 GM in Dynasty Mode.
The Maestro

Reach Level 15 GM in Dynasty Mode.
Mr. Important

Have an email leaked to the press in Dynasty Mode.
Hands On

Play the Jordan Brand Draft Showcase game in Dynasty Mode.

Sign the #1 free agent in the off-season of Dynasty Mode.
Dipping Toes

Reach Level 2 in ranked online play.
n00b No More

Reach Level 10 in ranked online play.
I Can Haz Level 15?

Reach Level 15 in ranked online play.
Oh My

Dunk on someone a foot taller in a single player game.

Hit a bank shot in a game.
T-Mobile Connect From Distance

Make thirteen 3s in a single player game with one player.
That's So Euro

Perform a euro-step move then score in a game.
Hang Time

Perform a layup or dunk adjust in the air and score in a game.
Get That…

Block a shot off of the backboard in a single player game.
Sweet Lew

Make a Sky-Hook in a game.
Cover Boy

Score 48 points with Kevin Durant in a single player game.
Be Like Tyreke

Make a shot from behind the backboard in a game.
T-Mac 2002 NBA All-Star Game

Toss the ball off the backboard and dunk it in a single player game.
Wing and a Prayer

Make a shot from behind the halfcourt line in a game.
Makin' Em Dizzy

Combine a spin move with a spin gather then score in a game.
Get Off Me

Get fouled on a layup or dunk and make the basket in a game.
T-Mobile Get Connected

Perform an alley-oop in a game.
Rare Air

Reach Level 18 in Become Legendary mode and unlock all Jordans.
Puttin' in Work

Reach level 23 in one DNA stat level in Become Legendary mode.
The G.O.A.T.

Earn all 23 Jordan Brand Milestones in Become Legendary mode.
Pwning Teh Interwebz

Reach Level 23 in ranked online play.
The Quad

Get a quadrouple-double in a single player game.
Like Mike

Reach Level 23 in Become Legendary mode.
Online Legend

Reach Level 23 for your EASBA Pro.
Old and Wise

Reach Level 23 GM in Dynasty Mode.
100% Complete

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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