007 Legends Wii U Cheats

Rating 3


Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding passwords:

Bond Moonranker Suit (Splitscreen) 4str0b0y
Fast Switch gadget and Walther PPK 63tb0nd
Play as Goldfinger (Fort Knox) and Pussy Galore (Pilot) 4u43v3r
To play as James Bond (Jacket) f1n34tt1r3
To unlock acute hearing and long reaching gadgets qbr4nch3d
To unlock the Moonraker Laser Mk2 m00nl4s3r
To unlock the Skyfall mission, Eve, Patrice, Kowloon T-100, and Tactical FSR l3g3nd5

Rating 0

Bond Moonranker suit (splitscreen)

Enter astr0b0y as a case-sensitive code to unlock the Bond Moonranker suit for splitscreen play.