Aqua Slots Extreme Wii U Cheats

Rating 8

Game Center achievements

1 Million Credits (100 points) Accumulate 1 Million Credits!.
5 Shells (100 points) Win with 5 Shells on any line.
Big Clam (100 points) Win the top prize on the Clam Climb.
Big Fish (100 points) Reach $500,000 Credits.
Cash Magnet (100 points) Win more than $5000 Credits on one spin of the reels.
Five WILD Line (100 points) Win with five WILD symbols on any line.
Jackpot (100 points) Win a 5 Starfish Jackpot payout.
Slots Legend (100 points) Become an Aqua Slots Extreme legend by accumulating 10 Million Credits or more!.
Star Fish (100 points) Win credits with the Star Fish symbol in the Tropical Treasure mini-game.
Win $1000 (100 points) Accumulate 1000 Credits.