Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Cheats

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Easter Eggs

Zelda and Doctor Who
During the “Federation Day” campaign mission, after you enter the “CARANI” door, you can find a trophy in the shape of The Doctor's TARDIS with the words "Award for Largest Interior with Smallest Exterior", and next to it a Zelda rupee-shaped trophy with the words "for most bushes cut and pots smashed". There's also a trophy poking fun at the whole "world ending in 2012" event.

Modern Warfare
During the mission "Atlas Falls" you will breach a recreational room. Search around to find an arcade machine called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Teddy bear
On the Flooded map, go to the center of the map and stand on the roof of a submerged bus. Look to the north to find a vent, then climb it and a teddy bear can be seen at the top, tucked between the vent and the wall.

Saving Private Ryan
While playing the mission "All or Nothing" you come across a soldier about to be executed. If you kill every enemy around him you will be "Saving Pvt Ryan", a reference to the movie.

Star Wars
Eventually (in the campaign) you will be tasked with sinking a ship with a Remote Controlled Torpedo. If you fail the first try, you will be told to "Aim for the thermal exhaust port", which is similar to what is told to Luke Skywalker and other pilots when setting out to destroy the first Death Star.

The father in the campaign is named Elias, just like Sgt. Elias out of the movie Platoon. Also, Rourke highly resembles Sgt. Barnes, with his dew rag and big scar running along his face.

Three Wise Monkeys
In the perks menu under the Stealth category, the first three perks have icons with an X, representing no sound, no sight, and no hearing. This is similar to the Three Wise Monkeys, who are most famous for the proverb they are in which involves them "Seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil".

Rating 4

Invasion: Killstreak crate

Interact with three torches on the Pharoah map to open a secret door that leads to a hidden chamber. Inside is a killstreak crate. After taking it, sprint out of the room before the door closes.

Rating 3

Secret music on Federation Day

There is hidden music that plays during the Federation Day level of the campaign. After rappelling down the building, head downstairs into one of the office sections of the building and kill the enemies. Listen carefully to hear an instrumental version of the song that plays at the end of the game, by Eminem. It is easier to hear if you have a nice headset, so be sure to listen carefully.

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Alternate ending

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Extinction mode

Play the single player Campaign mode under the Regular or higher difficulty level and complete the following missions to unlock the "Extinction Mode" option at the main menu: "Ghost Stories", "Brave New World", "No Man's Land", and "Struck Down" . You can also start Multiplayer Career mode and reach level 5.

Rating 1

Rorke File Locations

Search the following locations and perform the corresponding tasks to find all the Rorke Files and unlock the "Audiophile" achievement/trophy:

Mission 1: Ghost Stories Upon finishing the space section sequence, you will gain control of a character on earth. While running and dodging the falling ground, enter the first house on the right with a car in the driveway. Enter the front door to find the file on the floor.
Mission 2: Brave New World After shooting down the two enemy helicopters, you will get on a vehicle and arrive at the HQ. Go to the the third floor to find the file on a table below the terminals on the wall (the door to the balcony will be on the right).
Mission 3: No Man's Land After reaching the area with the yellow crane after controlling your dog for the second time, proceed forward until you enter a gray building to find the file on a desk, below the hanging monitor.
Mission 4: Struck Down Once you breach into the baseball locker room, immediately turn left to find the file.
Mission 5: Homecoming When starting the mission, after entering the first building and reaching stairs, turn left before going up to find the file on the desk in that room.
Mission 6: Legends Never Die After getting past the flooded streets and entering a new interior through a wrecked walkway, kill the two enemies. Then, go to the desk where they were standing to find the file.
Mission 7: Federation Day After cutting the window to make an entrance, go left as you enter the first hallway. Once done, enter the first open doorway on the left to find an office with the file on a desk inside, in the back right corner.
Mission 8: Birds Of Prey When you enter a room where Rorke is waiting later in the mission, quickly grab the file on the desk before the mission transitions into another part.
Mission 9: The Hunted After the crash landing sequence, you will eventually meet up with your lost squad again. In the area you find them, follow the stream of water on the left up to a waterfall. The file is on a rock to the left of the stream, near the waterfall.
Mission 10: Clockwork When starting the area where you must use night-vision goggles and fight through the security checkpoint, look down the hallway to see the file through the window.
Mission 11: Atlas Falls After entering a chamber where you are ordered to interact with the control room, before deactivating the regulators, look on the right to find a side room with the file inside.
Mission 12: Into The Deep When the LSC is destroyed, you will have to escape sinking debris, and eventually reach a shipwreck. Just when you reach the enemy ambush, swim to the ocean floor to find file on a rock.
Mission 13: End Of The Line After reaching a silo and are ordered to take a picture, after going through the door with "Mantengase Alejado" on it, just go down the stairs on the left, and turn left at the bottom of the stairs to find the file.
Mission 14: Sin City After going through the large mall and reaching the slot machines, an ally will lift up a shutter for you to crawl through. Then, turn left to find the file on a table next to the couches.
Mission 15: All Or Nothing Just after the mission starts and you put on the ghost mask, turn around to find the file on one of the lower bunks, in the left row.
Mission 16: Severed Ties After launching the rockets, an ally will lead you downstairs and open a door. After going through the doors, go down the hallway on the right, and enter the first door on the left to find the file on a terminal in the corner.
Mission 17: Loki After there is an explosion and you float through a tube, you will enter an open area in space. The file is floating in mid-air to the right of the big bronze solar panel.
Mission 18: The Ghost Killer When the mission starts, quickly turn around, and look to the right to find the file on a red tool chest, near your vehicle.  

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Invasion: Mushroom Mode

Destroy the three Extinction Hive eggs hidden in zone 2 (crater area) of the map to give all players speedy hand actions (reloading and setting turrets, seeing through walls) and turn enemies into mushrooms when killed.

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Alien teddy dolls

While playing Chapter 1: Point Of Contact in Extinction mode, grab the sniper rifle and find the "Gil's Lodge Motel" neon sign in the first area of the game. Shoot the letters "L", "O", and "L" (in order) in the word "Lodge" on that sign with the sniper rifle. If done correctly, the message "LOL" will appear in the center of the screen and any alien shot will temporarily explode into golden stuffed alien dolls. Note: This doesn't always work.

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Ghillie suit

First, choose "Weapon Challenges" and see if the "Chrome Barrel Master" challenge is active. If it says "Challenge Inactive", enter "Operations" and use a Squad Point to get new challenges. Keep doing this until the "Chrome Barrel Master" challenge is active. Once done, complete the "Chrome Barrel Master" challenge to unlock the Ghillie suit.